Summer is Game Time!

One of the best things about RightStart Math* (aff link) is its focus on using math games for reinforcement. Summer is the perfect time to really work on these games, especially if you're wanting to take a break from your curriculum. Right now, my kids' favorite is Go To The Dump. This is a bit… Continue reading Summer is Game Time!

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Glow in the Dark Dragon Tee! (And Giveaway!)

When it comes to sewing, it's easy to skip over the basic t-shirt. They're pretty cheap and easy to buy from the store, right? Well, today I'm going to inspire you to 1) Make a t-shirt, and 2) Change up that t-shirt! (*Contains affiliate links) This month's Sewing Blue Blog Tour, hosted by Made for… Continue reading Glow in the Dark Dragon Tee! (And Giveaway!)


How to Organize RightStart Mathematics Manipulatives

So, you've ordered RightStart Mathematics, and it arrives in this HUGE box and you're like, "where is all of this going to go??!" I decided to put together a video explaining how I have organized all my pieces into just two 15qt storage boxes and 2 smaller ones - mostly using containers I already had… Continue reading How to Organize RightStart Mathematics Manipulatives

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Jalie Clara Leggings & Adele Flutter Sleeve Tunic

Happy Father's Day! I suppose it would be most appropriate to show the AMAZING things I made for my husband for Father's Day, right? Well, wife of the year here folks. With the onset of stomach bugs this week, the plan to make *something* for my husband just didn't materialize. My kids did, however, all… Continue reading Jalie Clara Leggings & Adele Flutter Sleeve Tunic

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Jalie Magic Tee & Pencil Skirt

Phew, it has been a whirlwind week here! (Or perhaps a whirlwind few months if I'm truly honest with myself.) I'm notorious for biting off a ton of things in the hope that some of those things get accomplished. My super-planner husband shakes his head always! For the last few years we've been using Classical… Continue reading Jalie Magic Tee & Pencil Skirt