RightStart Math Annual Cyber Monday Sale!

It's time to stock up on all your RightStart Math needs! Cyber Monday deals start at 5AM CST (6AM EST), November 29, 2021. This is the best time to get additional manipulatives and books! All items for sale are "like new" - things returned from other customers, or used as demonstration materials at curriculum fairs.… Continue reading RightStart Math Annual Cyber Monday Sale!


RightStart Math Convention Time!

It's convention season again, which means *sale time*! Due to Covid restrictions, many of the normally in-person homeschool conventions are online again this year, which means Right Start Math's normal convention discount is also available online! (Keep reading - I've included it at the coupon code at the end of this post!). I've written a… Continue reading RightStart Math Convention Time!


How to Make Tactile Numbers for RightStart Math

I'm now making my way through RightStart Level A for the third time and FINALLY got around to making the Sandpaper Number Cards from the games book! I have found that ALL my children really struggle with getting their numbers around the right way and I've read that kids greatly benefit from tracing the number… Continue reading How to Make Tactile Numbers for RightStart Math

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RightStart Math Sale & Homeschool Updates

Homeschool friends: Now is a great time to score a new abacus -- and it's a cute one! Also, I thought I'd give you a little snapshot into other things we've been doing over the last little while! Being that it's freezing cold and everything has shut down again, we haven't really been on any field trips, but we've been making fun at home.


RightStart Math: Curriculums I love!

A few weeks ago I shared a bit about our reading and spelling curriculum, so this week I'm going to share a bit about the math curriculum we use! When it comes to teaching math to preschoolers, there tends to be two main camps: no curriculum (kids learn alongside you as you count things, read books about numbers, jump up and down a certain number of times, etc) and curriculum (following some sort of published guide). (Read More...)