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Itch to Stitch Zakopane Top {Release}

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My wardrobe has been seriously lacking in new shirts, so when I saw the Zakopane test call, I knew I needed to jump on it! I figured it would be a pretty quick sew, and it certainly was! After I made my first one, I was able to cut and sew this one up in less than 2 hours. I used a serger for most of my construction, finishing off hems and neckline with my coverstitch machine. A regular sewing machine can still accomplish this pattern though.

The top is quite flattering, fits well, and is easy to sew. It comes in two sleeve lengths and with full and regular bust options, so you can get the best fit for your body. For mine, I made a size 0 regular bust and blended out to size 4 waist. While my hip measured wider than a 4, I ultimately kept it at the size 4 there as well, as I found the top rested above my full hip and thus the extra width wasn’t needed. For my height (5’8″), I added 1″ of length at the lower lengthening line, and I’m quite happy with that length.

I used a thin sweater knit for my first sample, but in a yellow color, this was way too see-through. For my final version, I found a mystery athletic knit in my stash (Fabric Mart), which I suppose were supposed to become leggings? Anyway, I only had about 1-1/4 yards of it, and managed to squeak out the whole shirt with just a little bit to spare!

Given the variance in knits, I think you’ll find that certain fabrics will give a different result with this shirt, so if a knit is very stretchy, you may find you need to size down, for example. Always check with the suggestions in the fabric list before sizing up or down!

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this top and I plan to make a few more! I think this one could also make a pretty fun rash guard too!

The Itch to Stitch Zakopane top is on sale for the release week, and you can bundle the sale with other Itch to Stitch patterns for an additional discount! Happy Sewing!

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