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Suit up for Summer with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

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Even though I’m supposed to be sewing for our upcoming trip to Australia, when Karley of Paisley Roots asked if I wanted to be part of the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Swim Blog Tour, I just couldn’t say no!
We need swimsuits in Australia, amiright?!
This is my second time participating in this tour – my first being 2 years ago when I made swimsuits for everyone in our family! Since my children are all still wearing those ones, and given that they swim at least once a week, it was definitely time to add some more suits to their wardrobes!
I was so indecisive about what to make with 2 yards of my choice from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. The new summer collection has so many gorgeous designs in it – I had ideas for *many* of them! I considered making a rashguard and board shorts for my husband, but he didn’t want to model swim for me again (he’s um, not very frequent at the gym), and I recently had surgery (don’t worry – I’m completely fine!) so I didn’t know if I’d be up for modeling swim either!
So… ya’ll get to see my kids, again. I hope you don’t mind ;-).
(They’re attempting to do Baby Shark here)

About the Boo! Embrace Togs (that’s Australian for Swimsuit)

(Fun fact: I had an aunt who lived in Saudi Arabia when we were kids, and she would ask us to mail swimsuits to her, writing “togs” on the customs declaration so they wouldn’t get stolen enroute!)
Last year, Boo! Designs had a rare sale, so I stocked up on some patterns missing from my collection. The Boo! Embrace Togs were top of my list – I just loved the double binding option on the back of them and really wanted to try it out. Welp, when we placed our orders, we were told there would be a delay on the solids, so I decided to not order solids and instead settled on just a single binding with pink gingham.
Friends, I am IN LOVE with this swimsuit!
First, the Raspberry Creek swim fabrics are wonderful to work with – if you are hesitant to jump in on swim, these ones are really easy to sew, so I have no hesitation in recommending them to a beginner.
Second, the fabrics are designed as a collection, so the same colors are used throughout. This makes it super easy to coordinate your fabrics.
Third, the Embrace swimsuit pattern is FRICKING AMAZING! The instructions include an option for a full lining, and the lining and outer are both sewn together in such a way that there is just ONE seam on each side of the garment AND the seams are hidden between the outer and the lining! I had to take a video to show you how cool this is:


Isn’t that so cool?
And the fit is fantastic on my girls! The straps are really easy to pull on and off, both before and after being in the pool, the butt doesn’t ride up, and my eldest FINALLy pulled off a skill she’s been unable to do (she’s crediting the bird swimsuit, naturally).
I did make just one mistake – the bottoms have two cut lines – one for elastic, the other for binding. I cut the elastic line and added the binding. As a result, they sit a little lower than they should. Not a huge deal, but keep that in mind if you’re making it!

Boo! Designs Swimmers & Leggings

For my son, I made my other long time love, the Boo! Designs Swimmers Rashie. I’ve made this rashguard a bunch of times – it’s probably the only rashguard pattern I’ll ever use for my boy. This pattern is extremely versatile and I recommend it ALL THE TIME – it it includes 2 rashguards, a full piece swimsuit, 3 bikini bottoms, and a bikini top.
In the past, I’ve used the boy style bottoms for my son’s suits, but this time around I wanted to use the Boo! Leggings in swim length. Since my son is doing swim lessons, I would rather him learn in this style than regular board shorts.
I let him choose which fabric he wanted. It didn’t take him long before he’d decided on scales, and then it was a challenge to work out what we would put with the scales. I had to veto a few ideas and then we finally settled on the fish.

Peppermintsticks Wild Waves One-Piece Skirted Swimsuit

And finally, we had to make a suit for the doll too. She looks cute rocking her new gingham swim dress! I used Peppermintsticks Wild Waves One-Piece Skirted Swimsuit for hers, with Fold Over Elastic straps.

Tips for Sewing with Swim!

So, are you ready to tackle a swimsuit? If it’s your first time sewing one, you won’t feel “alone” with the Boo! instructions. My very first swimsuit was the Swimmers pattern and I gained so much sewing confidence from it.
Here are a couple of my favorite tips for sewing swim:
  • Use wonder tape (or a sewline pen) at the start of each seam
  • Use good quality swim fabric. It makes a huge difference!
  • Cut with a rotary cutter and mat
  • Use a stretch needle
  • It’s OK to make mistakes – swimsuits don’t take much fabric – in fact, I still have enough bird fabric for another 1-2 kids suits (I started with 3/4 yards).


Thanks so much to Raspberry Creek Fabrics for supplying my fabric for this tour! In total, I had 3/4 yards of birds, 1/4 yard of gingham, 1/2 yard fish, and 1/2 yard scales. Raspberry Creek Fabrics also have lining, but I bought mine locally because I forgot to order it when the rest of my swim fabric!


All boardshort and most of the swim fabric is now available at Raspberry Creek Fabrics. The swim fabrics with lots of navy in them have been put on a preorder though!


Be sure to check out the rest of the tour below, AND check out the discount codes available from some of our sponsors!

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A huge thank you to all of our sponsors!

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20 thoughts on “Suit up for Summer with Raspberry Creek Fabrics”

  1. Your suits are absolutely amazing! Your bindings are great! What coverstitch do you have? I have one and it gives me all sorts of fits with bindings. I’ve nearly chucked it against the wall on several occasions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the Babylock BLCS2. It works great with bindings, but gives me grief when I use 4 threads for a reverse cover. Sigh. I don’t know how many times I had to rip out the top stitching on my son’s swimsuit! My belief, honestly, is there is NO perfect domestic CS on the market yet. I do have the binder attachment for my machine, but I didn’t use it to make these ones.


  2. Awesome sewing, great fabrics, and gorgeous children. And the doll, too, can’t leave the dolls out!


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