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Hallå Stardust Hoodie & Forever Fit Joggers

Today I'm letting my son get some lovin'! As you'll be able to see from these photos, he was *super* excited that I made something for him!! With some of my leftover MK*Designs "Evil Melted Crayon" fabric (used in my daughter's Boo! Designs Skater Dress), I sewed up a Hallå Stardust short sleeved hoodie (from… Continue reading Hallå Stardust Hoodie & Forever Fit Joggers

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Sew Americana 2017 Tour

Do you ever have those projects that you really want to tackle and so you spend hours upon hours reading blogs, books, and watching videos to learn said skill, and then *still* shy away from *actually* tackling said project? This is me with pants. I have wanted to make my own real pants forever, but… Continue reading Sew Americana 2017 Tour

children, sewing

Sew Straight & Gather Avenue Collection Release

The mark of a great pattern designer is one who is willing to push a deadline until their pattern is just perfect! Terri from Sew Straight and Gather is one such designer. I started testing these patterns a little over a month ago and they are finally ready for release! Terri is based in Canada and designs… Continue reading Sew Straight & Gather Avenue Collection Release

children, sewing

Peppa Pig Sleeveless Hoodie (Ottobre 3/2015)

My kids are crazy about Peppa Pig so when I saw a preorder for a Peppa custom knit come up, I jumped on it. My first foray into custom knits… very dangerous eye candy, LOL. I picked up a yard of fabric and 3 panels – 2 with Peppa and 1 with George. My plan… Continue reading Peppa Pig Sleeveless Hoodie (Ottobre 3/2015)