How to Organize RightStart Mathematics Manipulatives

So, you've ordered RightStart Mathematics, and it arrives in this HUGE box and you're like, "where is all of this going to go??!" I decided to put together a video explaining how I have organized all my pieces into just two 15qt storage boxes and 2 smaller ones - mostly using containers I already had… Continue reading How to Organize RightStart Mathematics Manipulatives

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Jalie Clara Leggings & Adele Flutter Sleeve Tunic

Happy Father's Day! I suppose it would be most appropriate to show the AMAZING things I made for my husband for Father's Day, right? Well, wife of the year here folks. With the onset of stomach bugs this week, the plan to make *something* for my husband just didn't materialize. My kids did, however, all… Continue reading Jalie Clara Leggings & Adele Flutter Sleeve Tunic

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Jalie Magic Tee & Pencil Skirt

Phew, it has been a whirlwind week here! (Or perhaps a whirlwind few months if I'm truly honest with myself.) I'm notorious for biting off a ton of things in the hope that some of those things get accomplished. My super-planner husband shakes his head always! For the last few years we've been using Classical… Continue reading Jalie Magic Tee & Pencil Skirt

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I carried a Watermelon…. dress!

Spaghetti arms! Ahh, I haven't watched Dirty Dancing in over a decade, but I can still remember all the great lines! So many late night sleepovers with girlfriends.... the memories! But I digress. This post is about this awesome Stenzo watermelon border print from Mabel Madison. (Mabel Madison, by the way, is an online fabric… Continue reading I carried a Watermelon…. dress!

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Face Your Fears!

I'm not really one for Halloween themed fabric, but when I saw this Stitch panel along with the Oogie melted crayon, I showed my son and he was *all about it*. The kid adores melted crayon, and in addition to being cat obsessed, he's also really into dogs, so this was a win-win for him!… Continue reading Face Your Fears!