Free Printable: RightStart Math Progress Chart

Today I decided I needed a progress chart to help motivate my son in our math lessons. (And for me it's helpful to have a visual reminder on the wall that we need to get some lessons done!). I had found a similar progress chart in the RightStart Facebook group but thought I'd make one that more resembled the RightStart abacus (with shaded beads) and could work for any level of the curriculum. Read More...


HOT Bluprint (Craftsy Unlimited) Deal!

(Contains affiliate links) I love a great deal, especially when it's Craftsy classes!! This week only, get an entire week of Bluprint FREE with no credit card required! Bluprint has tons of classes available - learn sewing, knitting, crochet, baking, painting, kids art classes, drawing, photography, woodworking, yoga, and much much more!! This deal ends… Continue reading HOT Bluprint (Craftsy Unlimited) Deal!

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Misusu FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge!

Have you heard of Misusu? I've been eyeing their patterns for maybe a year now but am yet to jump in and buy one. I love the unique designs in their collection - lots of interesting shapes such as this Dia Sweater, which is what caught my attention in the first place! Misusu recently announced… Continue reading Misusu FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge!