Summer is Game Time!

One of the best things about RightStart Math* (aff link) is its focus on using math games for reinforcement. Summer is the perfect time to really work on these games, especially if you're wanting to take a break from your curriculum. Right now, my kids' favorite is Go To The Dump. This is a bit… Continue reading Summer is Game Time!

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Jalie Diane Swimsuit with Ruffle Hack

I don't usually sew to sell, however occasionally my arm can be twisted. I was recently asked by one of the fabric hosts that I work with, if I could sew a swimsuit for her daughter. So, she sent me two different fabrics but we had a little breakdown in communication - I sewed up… Continue reading Jalie Diane Swimsuit with Ruffle Hack

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Glow in the Dark Dragon Tee! (And Giveaway!)

When it comes to sewing, it's easy to skip over the basic t-shirt. They're pretty cheap and easy to buy from the store, right? Well, today I'm going to inspire you to 1) Make a t-shirt, and 2) Change up that t-shirt! (*Contains affiliate links) This month's Sewing Blue Blog Tour, hosted by Made for… Continue reading Glow in the Dark Dragon Tee! (And Giveaway!)

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I carried a Watermelon…. dress!

Spaghetti arms! Ahh, I haven't watched Dirty Dancing in over a decade, but I can still remember all the great lines! So many late night sleepovers with girlfriends.... the memories! But I digress. This post is about this awesome Stenzo watermelon border print from Mabel Madison. (Mabel Madison, by the way, is an online fabric… Continue reading I carried a Watermelon…. dress!

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Boys in Summer Blog Tour: I just wanna be a cat

Daughter: It's not FAIR!!!! Me: What's not fair? Daughter: I want star pockets too! 😦 Little Miss 6 might have a pang of jealousy that her brother FINALLY has a new mama made outfit and she does not! And I guess I owe her a dress with star pockets! Today I'm sharing my project from… Continue reading Boys in Summer Blog Tour: I just wanna be a cat