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And then it was Pajama Day, Every Day.

Just in time for Christmas, I made pajamas for my kids – because that is what us sewists are supposed to do at Christmas time, yes? ;-). And then, because my kids insisted on wearing them immediately and I failed to photograph them, they of course: wet the bed the first night, spilled breakfast on them, had one clean while the others were in the wash, and endless winter gloom. You get the picture!


Finally one day I took some indoor pics of them, edited the pics, and then couldn’t work out if people would even be interested in pajamas now that Christmas was well and truly over.

…And then the entire world got quarantined and suddenly every day became pajama day.


So pajamas!


With the launch of Frozen 2, my girls suddenly became interested in Frozen fabric again. My eldest demanded Frozen 2 pajamas and since she typically wears undies and a tank top to bed, I decided to make a long night dress rather than traditional two piece pj’s.


Ottobre Winter 6/2009 happened to be in my stash and includes a night dress and two piece PJ set. The dress is basically just a longer version of the pajama top (also in that magazine issue). It’s a super quick and easy sew with raglan sleeves with cuffs and neckline binding.


Fabrics used: Disney Frozen 2 Anna & Elsa Cotton Lycra (JoAnn), Sleeves – unknown, Binding: Purple Cotton Lycra (Simply By Ti). Pattern: Ottobre 6/2009 #36 “Mocking Bird” Nightdress


For my son, I’d been hoarding this Star Wars fabric (JoAnn remnant!) and paired it with black cotton lycra and white ribbing (which I ultimately ripped out from the neckline and replaced with cotton lycra because it was stretching out way too much). His were also really easy to make and were also a hit! Yay! He is totally obsessed with Lego these days so I was happy I could satisfy him with “not-Lego”.


Fabrics used: Star Wars Knit Galaxy (JoAnn), Black Cotton Lycra (Simply By Ti), White Cotton Lycra (Simply By Ti). Pattern: Ottobre 6/2009 #34 “Night Owl” Pajama Top, #34 “Stripy Legs” pajama pants.


Anyway, my kids are all loving their pajamas which are all getting a lot of day time workout right now!

Stay healthy friends! ❤


2 thoughts on “And then it was Pajama Day, Every Day.”

  1. I don’t think there is a time when PJ posts aren’t relevant! I still make all my kids’ PJs (they’re all teenagers!) and they still insist on getting a Christmas pair. This Ottobre pattern has been my main PJ pattern for years, until my kids started growing out of it. And to my dismay, they all wanted pockets in their PJ pants this year. Why?? Thanks for sharing yours. Better late than never. That Star Wars print would still be hugely popular with my boys.

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    1. This is certainly true – and funnily enough, growing up in australia, I didn’t realize pj’s for Christmas were a thing until after I moved to the USA! I mean, we would get wetsuits and bikes for Christmas lol. I’m glad to hear this has been your mainstay pj pattern! i really like it!


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