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BurdaStyle 6/2010 #126 Dress

I have always loved the look of this Burda dress and with an upcoming wedding and the need for a nursing friendly dress, I decided to tackle it, making some modifications. The major mod was switching from woven to knit. Since I was using knit, I omitted the zipper. The pattern calls for ombre silk, and I used scuba and cotton lycra instead. The pattern also has these weird ruffle things on the tops of the sleeves, which I didn’t like, so I adjusted the pattern to exclude them.


I was able to follow the instructions for the skirt and waistband components, but found myself rather bamboozled with the bodice and lining directions, so in the end I winged it. Because I used a knit, the fit ended up being way off, even though I had sized down, so I kinda hacked it up a bit (the shoulder seam is now serged instead of hidden in the lining). My coverstitch also got a big workout — I used the chainstitch to baste everything together while I was fitting it. So easy to rip those threads out! The cotton lycra also didn’t have as much recovery as I think it needed, and I also cut it the wrong direction (two grain lines were on the pattern — on grain for the lining, cross grain for the outer… after I cut it out that way I realized the pattern called for this to account for the ombre in the original design). Maybe at some point I’ll rip it apart and fix the bodice, but for now I’ll just chalk it up to lessons learned and move on.


For the wedding I attended I threw in some cups and wore it without a bra, but over the course of the night I found the bodice getting looser and looser, so I wore it today with a cami underneath!

So would I sew this again? If I was better at fitting, I think I may do it again. It was certainly one of those things I wished I had a dress form for! I do really love the skirt though, so I may use the pattern again just for that.

Material Notes

Scuba knit – LDG “show room”
Black cotton lycra – LDG “show room”
Green cotton lycra – LDG “show room”
Nude polyester knit lining – LDG “show room”

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