Summer is Game Time!

One of the best things about RightStart Math* (aff link) is its focus on using math games for reinforcement. Summer is the perfect time to really work on these games, especially if you’re wanting to take a break from your curriculum. Right now, my kids’ favorite is Go To The Dump. This is a bit like Go Fish, except the concept is to make card sets that add to 10 rather than collecting pairs. Even my 4 year old is picking up on it!


RightStart have been putting up lots of game ideas on their blog this summer, so it’s definitely worth checking those out! (The RightStart math games bundle can be purchased separately from RightStart and used alongside any curriculum, so it’s a great thing to consider if your kids are in a traditional school or using a different homeschool math curriculum).


Oh, and my husband recently started a new job and the kids love recreating the logo with the tiles. Any guesses as to where he’s working now? 😁😁


Interested in buying RightStart? Please use my RightStart affiliate link to get started!


*I am a RightStart Mathematics Affiliate*, and am committed to writing a monthly blog post about our journey with this curriculum. Any purchases you make using my affiliate links will earn me a small commission (this will not affect the cost to you!).

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