How I plan a sewing project in Photoshop

Have you ever stared at a pattern and a fabric collection and struggled with visualizing how it will come together? Often when I’m planning out a “strike off” project with custom fabric, I do quick draft in Photoshop first. I use Photoshop because I’ve owned it for years, but there are some free or cheap apps you can use instead. (This process also helps with getting “buy-in” from my children!)

I start by grabbing a screenshot of the pattern’s line drawing (I love line drawings and it drives me crazy when a pattern doesn’t come with one!). I also download or screenshot samples of the fabric I plan to use.

In Photoshop, I use the wand tool to select each section of the garment, separating them into different layers.

I then insert the fabric images in as a clipping mask with each layer. I will throw in various fabric samples until I settle on a favorite!

Here are a couple of Photoshop to Reality pics for you:

(Boo! Designs Sleeved Skater Dress mashed with regular Skater Dress – Fabric from JoAnn)

Jennuine Design Schooner Top with Flash Leggings – Fabric from Wolf & Rabbit Custom Fabrics

Boo! Designs Swimmers with Boo! Designs Leggings – Fabric from Raspberry Creek

Boo! Designs Embrace Togs – Fabric from Raspberry Creek

Often I will still hand sketch a sewing plan out, but it is so much fun seeing the finished product after making a computerized sample first! Do you use a similar process for planning your projects? I’d love to hear what you’re using!

3 thoughts on “How I plan a sewing project in Photoshop”

  1. I once used a similar product, I don’t think it was Photoshop. The product I used had a wand and I could add fabric similar to what you do. I am now using Cyberlink Photo Director 10 and have a challenge in using this to add fabric shots to the line drawing. I have not done this in some time now and so glad you posted this.😄

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