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Ottobre Circus Horse Dress with mods

Organic cotton spandex Euro knits from Wolf & Rabbit Custom Fabrics

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Wolf and Rabbit Custom Fabrics – I received the fabric complimentary in exchange for promotion. 


When fabric arrives in my house, there’s always MUCH excitement – from my kids! Husband probably not so much LOL. Usually the excitement then devolves into tears when a kid learns that their new favorite fabric is not for them – or whoops of joy when they know they’ll be getting something from it!


I wasn’t sure what panel I would be receiving in my most recent strike-off package from Wolf & Rabbit Custom Fabrics, so it was a nice surprise to get the panda and animal yardage.

About the Pattern

I decided I wanted to do a drop waist dress, so I dug through my Ottobre collection and settled on the Circus Horse Dress (in Ottobre 4/2013, #20). The pattern is supposed to be long sleeved with a gathered and bound cuff, so I changed it to have short sleeves instead and while I had intended to have a gathered cuff, I forgot to do the gathering step before adding the binding on.


While Ottobre patterns do require tracing and adding on seam allowances, the instructions are usually very straight forward and I often find them quicker to trace and assemble than printing, taping, and assembling PDF patterns.


I did use my cover stitch binding attachment to add the binding on, but the magazine includes instructions for using a sewing machine if you don’t have a binder. I should warn you though: this magazine is why I bought a cover stitch machine!!

For the leggings, I used the Jennuine Designs Flash Leggings, featured earlier this week.

I used a fabric from my stash for the back panel

About the Fabric

I started sewing for Wolf & Rabbit Custom Fabrics late last year, and after a couple of rounds, they suddenly had to switch fabric printers. They had been using a US printer, but after some issues there, they switched to a Chinese printer. That one was a complete bust, so she then tried out a European printer and IT IS LOVE!!!! Once you try a European fabric, you will be hooked! And Wolf & Rabbit’s designs are just so gorgeous, your collection will rapidly grow!


These fabrics are soft, have lovely drape, and are GOTS and Okeo Tex certified organic. The collection is all 95/5 cotton/Lycra with at least 50% 4 way stretch. Because the collection is coming from Europe, it actually has a shorter turnaround time than your typical Chinese preorders, so this round closes on Monday, March 18, 2019, and is expected to be shipped to customers mid-April.

Wolf and Rabbit have also just started a layaway program AND a bulk discount for small businesses buying over 15 yards in a preorder.


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4 thoughts on “Ottobre Circus Horse Dress with mods”

  1. So cute- I loved Ottobre when my Granddaughters were younger- stiopped my subscriptions, but still use them a lot! I agree about time- I got pretty speedy at tracing and adding seam allowance- still trace most of my PDF patterns! You do beautiful work and your model is adorable!


    1. Thanks! I just buy some here and there, so I haven’t ever subscribed. But I have made a lot from this one issue! I also trace most of my PDF patterns, especially if I am making multiple sizes of the same pattern!


  2. So cute! Ottobre patterns – I love them. Thank you for introducing me to a fabric company for customs that I really like. So many customs places have absolutely insipid prints, but these remind me of Lillestoffe fabrics. I also love that they’re GOTS & Okeo Tech. THANK YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally hear you! I really love lillestoff and stenzo stuff, and I also appreciate that this designer is moving towards doing all her own designs from scratch.


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