Once A Month Meals – Membership Opens April 1!

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Do you struggle to stay on top of a meal schedule? Need one less thing to think about each day?

29 Copycat Freezer Meals from Home_1200x628

Membership to Once A Month Meals re-opens on Monday April 1 for just FOUR DAYS! So if you want IN, you have from April 1 – April 4 to join! Get on the waitlist NOW so you don’t forget on Monday!

Not convinced? Check out the Once A Month Meals series of live Facebook videos and ask all your questions!

What do I love about this system?

  • You can choose the meal plan that works for your diet/cooking style
  • Spend one day shopping for and prepping all your meals for the whole month so that you’re only doing smaller shops for veggies, bread and milk the rest of the month.
  • Reign in your budget!
  • All the organizing is done for you! There are no excuses for having no time to plan! (Unless of course, your freezer is already FULL!)
  • Especially on busy nights, I know a low/no prep meal will be waiting for me when I get home.
  • Meal plans are even available for special seasons such as Lent.
  • I have more time each day to do the things I actually want to do!


I’d love to hear about your current meal planning method (or lack thereof) and whether you think Once A Month Meals will help you out!


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