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Halla Women’s Lounge Pants Showdown!

After making three pairs of Halla Kids Lounge Pants last year, I was chatting with Samantha, the designer at Halla, who was floored when I mentioned that I’d never been brave enough to sew pants for myself. “Make my pants. You will love them.” – is what she said (in a nutshell!). So an idea was born: Make Samantha’s pants and make them in various fabric types so the world could see the difference.

We decided to collaborate with on this project, since she had a range of custom cotton lycras, performance knits, solids, and big name knits, all suitable for making pants.

The biggest hurdle, I think, was deciding which fabrics to choose! YouMadeSomething has a huge selection and so many of their knits would work perfectly for lounge pants! Thankfully the owner, Mandy, was really helpful in narrowing down my selections and making suggestions. She quickly shipped the fabric to me and included a jumbo wonder clip too!

The Halla Women’s Lounge Pants come in 3 three different lengths, 3 different cuff options, and 2 different waistband options. There’s also instructions for including grommets or eyelets in the waistband. And most importantly, *pockets*. The instructions are for a patch pocket, however I switched it to an internal pocket using the instructions from the kids lounge pant pattern.

Probably the most amazing thing about this pattern, and something I’ve never seen before, is the ruler guide that is included directly on the pattern pieces for the height and hip. This is so helpful for really working out exactly which size to do, especially if you’re in between sizes.

Sizing is very similar to ready to wear. I measured into the size 2/4 bracket, so that is the size I used for each cotton lycra and performance knit pair. I initially cut a 6/8 waistband for my first pair and since it fit well, I decided to use 6/8 for each of my waistbands. I upsized to 6/8 for the french terry one, since that one had no lycra in it, however since it has 30% stretch, it actually would be better as 2/4 as well!

So, without further ado, here’s the roundup:

1. Made Whimsy Solids, Full Length Pants with No Cuff & Foldover Band

Hello Virginia in the winter. Well, this winter. Seriously the weirdest winter weather I’ve encountered in my 11 years of living here! But I digress…

For my first pair I made the full length pants with no cuff and a foldover waistband. I used Made Whimsy Cement Gray 10oz knit for the pant and Made Whimsy Royal Blue 10oz knit for the trim. The fabric is a lovely weight for pants and the blue is especially vibrant!

2. Made Whimsy Custom Cotton Lycra, Pedal Pusher Length with Tapered Cuff &  Foldover Band

I was a little apprehensive making this pant because I have never worn floral pants before, but I just *adore* these! The fabric is one of YouMadeSomething‘s custom knits – Briar Rose by Made Whimsy. It’s an 11oz knit, has excellent recovery, is very soft and it hardly shrunk at all in the wash. I teamed it with Made Whimsy Kelly Green 10oz (currently out of stock) and it is a perfect match. One thing that I did differently with this pair was cutting the pocket bands by about 3/4 inch shorter so that they wouldn’t gape – this is one of those things you may need to do depending on the recovery and stretch of the fabric you’re using. I especially love how this pair fits my butt too haha!

3. Brushed Poly Athletic Knit, Pedal Pusher with Regular Cuff & Foldover Band

This pair is my absolute favorite and if it weren’t for the fact that it is currently too cold (today) for my legs to be partially exposed, I would be wearing them right now! I love this fabric so much! It is a brushed poly/spandex with an antimicrobial treatment and Max-Dri technology to quickly wick water away from the body. I *almost* decided to switch it up and use the reverse of the fabric as the bands (it’s a slightly different color on the back) but eventually I decided to stay the course and stick with what I had originally intended. YouMadeSomething carries it in 6 colorways – these ones are Ocean Brushed Poly Athletic Knit for the pant and Pepper Brushed Poly Athletic Knit for the trims.

4. Made Whimsy Custom Cotton Lycra, Bermuda Length Pant & Foldover Band

My fourth pair were also a little on the adventurous side for me! These are made in American Rose Cotton Lycra by Made Whimsy. The fabric is beautiful with excellent recovery, minimal shrinkage and a nice 11oz weight. I decided to do this pair without pockets since I figure I’ll most likely use them as bed shorts. But who knows? Maybe I’ll brave the streets in them?! Floral is IN this Spring after all ;-). The royal blue cotton lycra is the same fabric that I used in my first pair.

5. French Terry by Made Whimsy, Full Length Pant with Cuffs & Regular Band

For my final pair I decided to go up a size since the French Terry by Made Whimsy contained no lycra. It still had 30% stretch though, so I needn’t have worried about upsizing. I also increased their length by an inch since I felt my first pair were a little short and the pattern suggested lengthening for my height. The French Terry is so soft and cozy! I have been living in these pants lately and just love them! I made the bands from Riley Blake Cotton Lycra in 1/2″ purple stripe. It is a beautiful fabric and washes up very nicely, but I found the recovery is no where near as good as the recovery in Made Whimsy’s own branded knits so the band doesn’t hold up as well as my other pairs (this could also be due to the weight of the FT dragging it down a bit too). At some point I’ll adjust this pair so the waistband is smaller.


Samantha was right. I love these pants! Being that my husband is Asian, we typically wear lounge pants whenever we’re home, so these will get quite the workout. Each pair probably took about 2 hours to make – the things that held me up were spending the extra time ensuring my pattern pieces were on grain (I don’t know about you, but this takes me forever, especially with knits!!), and skipping on my cover stitch machine. Ugh. I have the fancy Babylock but it still manages to skip. The sewing part itself though was quick! If you’ve made a couple of projects in knits before, you can make these pants! And if all else fails, the Halla Patterns Facebook Group is a wealth of advice!

And now for a bonus…

Here’s a little sneak on how I do my pockets if I want to limit how much print fabric I use.

First I line the original pocket pattern piece up with the pant leg pattern piece and extend it to remove the pocket opening. I then take the adjusted pocket pattern piece to cut my pocket (purple solid). With the extension pattern piece, I cut my printed fabric. I use quilt basting spray (affiliate link) to temporarily adhere the patch to the pocket before coverstitching the piece down. After attaching the pocket binding to the pant leg, I add spray adhesive to the purple section, attach it to the pant leg and coverstitch it.

Disclosure: I received the pattern and fabric free for purposes of review. Opinions are 100% my own.


4 thoughts on “Halla Women’s Lounge Pants Showdown!”

  1. wow, you have been active here! So many pants with 1 pattern! They indeed look great on you! I especially like the flower version, but they all look so comfy! I am also looking for the perfect pants, so I’m going to remember this one 😉


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