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My first German pattern!


I finally took the plunge and made my very first German pattern! I’ve been seeing so many amazing German patterns floating around the web lately and knew I had to overcome all fears and get my feet wet with them.


About the Fabric

Firstly, I received this gorgeous unicorn fabric, panel and coordinates from It’s Sew Creative in exchange for promoting it. (Incidentally, It’s Sew Creative just reached 10,000 group members so they’re having an awesome giveaway! Head on over to their group for your chance to win some amazing prizes!!)


These prints are available on soft and thick, high quality Cotton Lycra fabric. They are just beautiful to work with! The panels are available with various texts and images (including unicorns, of course!). I teamed mine with an aqua solid that was in my stash. There are lots of other great solids that would also go well with this collection.


The collection is currently available for pre-order until September 13!


About the Pattern


I slightly hacked the BeeStyle boys hoodie by BeeKiddie on Makerist to make this dress. I picked it up during one of Makerist’s 1€ sales and didn’t think I needed the girl version too… In hindsight I should have just grabbed it, but you live, you learn!


The only thing I don’t like about this pattern is that there are no line drawings. There are lots of tester photos which give you a sense of the pattern, but I really wish there were line drawings too! It comes with 2 pocket depths, 3 hood styles (with or without cords), a rolled collar, thumbhole cuffs, and forearm patches. It can also be made with or without a contrast band hem. This is the perfect project for whipping out your coverstitch machine!


Initially I translated the pattern using Google Translate (which I had to do multiple times when my computer kept crashing… :-/ — I’ve been avoiding buying a new one, but it really is about time!!). After that, I read through them pretty thoroughly and then mostly did it my own way, haha.


The instructions didn’t come with a sizing chart, so I just went by height (which is the standard in Europe). I also extended the sweater to make it dress length, but I think I’m going to either shorten it back up or make it narrower because it’s not quite working for me (that, and the text on the panel has ended up right at crotch level!!). I think the width might have been fine as a sweater but because it’s now a dress, it needs to be narrower. (I’m cheating in most of these photos by clipping it together at the back, lol).


I used my basting spray trick to make the pocket with plain cotton lycra and custom knit attached in just the visible spot (I explained this method on my Halla lounge pants).



Have you given German sewing patterns a try yet? I have found the International Knit Sew Along Facebook Group is so helpful for getting started — and a great place for some amazing inspiration!

(What is a photoshoot without the baby photobombing it?)
Oh, and we’ve lost 4 teeth now! Apparently there’s another wiggly one in there too!
I couldn’t quite get the colors to come up right in this one, but I love her sassiness in this one!


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