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Swoon Heidi Foldover Wristlet Purses

I’ve been a fan of Swoon bags* for a while now and I actually started making one a few years ago with a friend but never got around to finishing it! Eventually I’ll get back to it, but in the meantime I’m sewing all the *other* things haha.

I don’t usually give gifts to my kids’ teachers but I thought this past Christmas it would be nice to give their swim teachers something special. So, with a few weeks to go before Christmas, I started cutting these Swoon Heidi* bags out. And then life got in the way and I found myself making a Snow White Dress (yet to be blogged because I need to adjust it…), 5 pairs of Halla Women’s Lounge Pants, a Love Notions Willow Wrap Dress, Peglegs, the Elegance & Elephants Mira Dress, and the Itch to Stitch Newport Top. That brought me to March when suddenly both teachers announced they would be quitting at the end of the month! Gaa! Well, I always need a deadline otherwise things linger (clearly), so I quickly got these two purses done and over to the teachers before they left!

Since one of the teachers was a huge fan of 90’s cartoons (she’s covered in tattoos of a few of them), I knew I had to make her a purse with Rugrats fabric that I found from JoAnn’s. Their other teacher seemed a little more conservative so I decided to go with blue for hers, which I was able to make with fat quarters from my stash.

The bags weren’t too difficult to make, and the pattern was free! The most complicated part was sewing the thick vinyl and of course I thought it would be a great idea to do contrast stitching…. a very risky move with vinyl and one I would probably not re-do haha. I purchased the hardware from Emmaline Bags in Canada and the zippers from Zipit. I have plans to make a couple more purses as gifts for a few people but might try a different design – Swoon have so many amazing designs and their Facebook group is full of inspiration and talent!

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2 thoughts on “Swoon Heidi Foldover Wristlet Purses”

  1. Just randomly came across this post. I’m sure the swim instructors were appreciative of these lovely gifts. I can say that classroom teachers would have adored them, too!


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