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Sewing Class for Miss 5

My eldest daughter is passionate about all things arts and crafts related (the apple might not fall far from the tree!). A couple of years ago, I decided to get her a sewing machine for Christmas (she was 4). I settled on the cute little Janome (affiliate link) and she just adored it. After sewing with it though, I realized it was a terrible machine and was only going to make her teacher (ahem, me) go crazy! We did however, start making these Oliver+S Sunny Day Shorts with it – obviously with lots of my help! This project went on hiatus for a long while though because I knew that machine wouldn’t be able to top stitch the hems, and I kept not getting around to having her finish them up on my machine.


Shortly before Christmas just past, a local quilting store (and Babylock dealer) was closing down by me, so I decided to cash in on a closeout sewing machine. I ended up getting her the Babylock BL9, the entry level mechanical Babylock, and I have to say, this is a really nice machine! I was quite stunned as I was trying it out. I daresay, it might even be quieter than my Bernina! It really just purrs! If you’re needing a basic but good quality machine, definitely take a look at this one. The only thing I want to add to it is a thread cutter.

Anyways, onto the pants. I have made these a lot. They’re very easy to make and a good project for kids if you want to move beyond straight lines and you’re willing to help a lot. My daughter just loved being able to make something and wear it straight away! In terms of the fit, I’m realizing I need to take a little out of the front as they are a bit baggy. I might even make another pair up and use it as a sloper for making more pants for her this year.


I’m not sure what we will do for our next project. I may have her make a quilt – something with lots of straight lines so I don’t have to help *quite* as much – and it will help use up my ever growing fabric scrap pile!

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