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Boo! Designs Dynamite Activewear

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I’ve been on a legging kick lately! Naturally, I fully intended to make leggings for me… but when it comes to doing strike-off sews… well my kids always win out! I think I need some leggings in this Stitch print though – but just as an accent – I’m not quite brave enough to go to the gym with Stitch all over me, LOL.

But I digress…


I made up two pairs of the Boo! Designs Dynamite Activewear leggings and tops this week – this is my second pair (first is coming soon!). The leggings have multiple color blocking and length options, and it’s also easy to change up the color blocks to whatever other design you want.

My favorite part of these leggings is the waistband. Elastic is cleverly encased on the inside facing so that top stitching is not visible from the outside (my kids have no butts and elastic in the band is a total MUST!).


This version of the top was not too challenging (I made the infinity one first and I think I stretched it as I went, so the fit isn’t quite right). Key to this one is to go by your model’s chest size. Do not size up!


About the Fabric

Mesh accents are all the rage at the moment so I loved incorporating some into both the leggings and back of the top in this set. (I snagged a couple of yards on clearance at Fabric Mart a few months ago for just $2).

(I totally need to improve my gym wardrobe… my kid looks way more trendy at the gym than me now, LOL.)


As to the FUN fabric – MK Designs sent me a two yards of Yoga Knit in Rasta Melted Crayon and Stitchy Sidekicks. The fabric is a nice thick athletic knit that’s perfect for leggings, but also great for any clothing that needs a bit more structure/weight – I’m thinking Jalie Eleanor pants, the skirt portion of a dress, hoodies, jackets etc. The thickness means it’s totally opaque too! Nothing is revealed through the white parts of the print at all!


The black solid is from Simply By Ti – it’s their Dritex athletic knit and is perfect for tops and leggings.

The collection from MK*Designs is available for two preorders in yoga, minky, swim and fluff, and cotton lycra, cotton woven, and French Terry until Friday October 18, 2019.


Link Summary

Disclosure: I received two yards of fabric from MK*Designs in exchange for promotion

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