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I made pants for me! Jalie Éléonore + T-shirt

So I finally made a pair of pants for me! And I want to love them so so much… and they fit perfectly when I have them ON, but getting them ON is the challenging part, LOL.


So what did I do wrong with them? Well, since my waist is significantly smaller than my hips, I graded the waist down. Fatal move. Getting the waistband over my hips is, well, a sight! So… next time I would not grade down my waist, and instead use shorter elastic. The other thing I’ll do next time is increase the back rise so there’s less chance of peekaboos when I bend over 😉 — and to make that back waistband straighter.

Oh, please excuse the crud from my sweater!!

I made the Jalie Éléonore pull on pants using some Navy Stretch Twill from Simply By Ti. This fabric has 20% one-way stretch, which is recommended for this pattern. I used their two-way stretch twill for my daughter’s Éléonore’s and I do think the 2 way works better for these pants – but again – had I not messed up the waistband/yoke etc I might have a different perspective on that! Simply By Ti has just a little bit of stretch twill left in her store – once it’s gone, it’s gone! I need to make more pants so I’ll be grabbing more! (And it will be on sale from April 22nd-28th! Sign up for the Simply by Ti newsletter to get the coupon codes!).

Yesss! I love that our neighborhood blossoms are coming out!

One thing I’d like to do for a future pair is mash the Eleonore’s with the Jalie Stretch Jeans. But it is nice not to have to buy extra notions to make a pair of woven pants!

I love these shoes 🙂 I wore them with my wedding dress… coming up to 10 years ago!

For the top stitching, I originally thought it would be cool to create a variegated look by putting two different shades of green through the needle. My problem with this method though, is that all my stitching looked wonky – even though it was straight –  because the threads would twist around. In the end I switched to using 2 strands of the same shade of green but didn’t want to unpick my pocket top stitching, which is why you can see a color change if you look closely. (The stitching template is a freebie from Closet Case Patterns).


About the T-shirt (Jalie 2805)


For the top, I used Jalie Women’s T-Shirt 2805 with the v-neck. I didn’t use as much care as I should have for the neckline and it’s a little wavy as a result. (This is what I get for disregarding the instructions!). This is the same t-shirt I recently made my daughter! I just LOVE how Jalie patterns have such an extensive size range!


And the color – YES, I just might have a thing for green! This is some gorgeous 10oz Cotton Lycra from Simply By Ti. I’m so impressed with the quality and vibrancy of it – it has a beautiful weight, doesn’t pill, and is so comfortable to wear!


To round out the look, I also made a cardigan! But, you’ll have to wait til later in the week to see that one!


I’m a Simply By Ti Ambassador and received this fabric complimentary in exchange for review and promotion.

I’m a Jalie Patterns Creative Ambassador and received both Jalie patterns complimentary for purposes of review and promotion. 

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