2018 in Review, Bring on 2019!

Phew, another year over! I’ve never really kept track of all my projects in a year, but it’s safe to say that this year was my biggest sewing year ever! I participated in the 52 Week Sewalong, and completed something each week for that — so I know I made *at least* 52 things in 2018 – though there were still more things created that didn’t get included in that roundup!


As I look through my goals from January 2018, I’m actually really impressed with myself! I did a pretty good job of completing almost all of them! Here’s my roundup:

Pattern Promotions



  • As a Jalie promoter this year, I sewed up 23 garments from Jalie patterns! (A total of 11 patterns). Jalie has such a strong reputation in the sewing pattern world, so it’s truly an honor to get to sew for them.
  • 2019 – This year you’ll see lots of Jalie patterns again! I’ll be co-hosting a Jalie blog tour in February – definitely stay tuned for that – we have an amazing lineup of sewing bloggers and some really awesome sponsors! And in the next few weeks (I hope!) I’ll be sewing up the Jalie Stretch Jeans (my goal is to mash them with the Eleonores), Sweatshirt & Sweatpants and Circle Skirts. In the spring, their annual collection should be coming out too, so I can’t wait to see what’s in that lineup!


halla logo url 2

  • I’ve struggled to keep up with all the amazing things Halla has been putting out this year! Mostly, I think, because I keep defaulting to sewing for my children, and most of Halla’s newest patterns are for women. I did make at least 8 garments from 4 patterns! Some of their newest things are just stunning – I need to sit down and work out which ones I’ll prioritize making!!

Mamma Can Do It


  • I was asked to become a promoter for MCDI this year, but I only managed to make 3 things along with a video guide to sergers, cover stitch machines and sewing machines.

Fabric Promotions

Simply By Ti

22309106_10211690874842082_7629495148603907219_n (1)

  • I sewed up quite a few things with fabric from Simply By Ti this year – and mostly things for me! My absolute favorite was my Wiggle Dress – the textured nylon was just amazing to work with and wear!
  • I still have a ton of SBT fabric in my stash that I picked up during various sales this year, so I’ll definitely be using that for projects this year!
  • Ti has lots of new fabrics coming in this season, so join her newsletter and facebook group to stay in the loop!

Whimsy Baby Customs


  • I sewed up a couple of swimsuits and hoodies for Whimsy Baby Customs this year and bought a whole slew of panels and color changing fabric during one of their sales this year. Can’t wait to sew those up!! So… more WBC to come in 2019!! She also has a sale starting soon, so join her group for that! This lion rapport was one of my favorite sews for the year!

Beanpop Fabrics

  • This fabric company closed down this year, so I didn’t end up sewing anything for them in 2018.

Affordable Fabrics and More

  • I began sewing for Affordable Fabrics and More this year – I sewed with 3 different collections, totaling 7 garments. Fun fact: Affordable Fabrics and More was the very first custom fabric group I joined!

Mabel Madison


  • After blogging some Mabel Madison garments earlier in the year, the owner, Emily, asked me to join her promo team. I also had an opportunity to meet Emily during my trip to Pennsylvania over the summer! She has GORGEOUS European fabrics and seeing them all in person was a dangerous treat! ❤ As a promoter, I sewed up 6 things with promo fabric and many more with MM fabric already in my stash!

Wolf & Rabbit Custom Fabrics

  • I was selected a guest seamstress for Wolf & Rabbit Custom Fabrics this year. Her designs are really very beautiful and are printed in the USA. This coming year she’ll be getting some things printed in China, but to be honest, I prefer Chinese printing on Cotton Lycra over USA anyway (they use a different technique, producing a softer fabric). I sewed for 2 rounds (3 including the gorgeous stuffies she released!!), and made 3 outfits.

Pattern Testing

I only managed to participate in 3 pattern tests this year! It definitely is hard to juggle between fabric promos and testing! I would have loved to have more of my fabric promos align with pattern tests, but often fabric has just a 3 day turnaround and the pattern tests can go on for weeks! This year though, I’ll continue to test for my two favorites: Itch to Stitch and Duchess & Hare. I just hope D&H add some knit garments to their collection since that’s usually what my daughters prefer to wear. And it’s usually faster to sew!

Sewing Challenges, Contests & Tours

This year I participated in the 52 Week Sewalong, the 2018 RTW Fast (and succeeded!), and a handful of sewalongs in the Contests & Sewalongs group. This year I’d like to focus on the Pattern Review contests.

….And the clothes I plan to make!

Here’s my list from last year:

My goals for 2019 are much the same – I want more jeans, lingerie, more undies for my kids, more sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts for me, more skirts, more pajama pants for my husband. I also need more basic t-shirts, leggings, a coat (STILL!), and my kids need pants and swimsuits. Because everyone is doing it, here are my favorite 9 patterns to sew up for ME this year – my one thing on these is that I ALREADY OWN THEM and haven’t sewn them before!:

  1. Jalie Stretch Jeans
  2. Named Sointu Kimono Tee
  3. Hey June Cheyenne Tunic
  4. Paprika Patterns Jade Skirt
  5. Rad Patterns Lucky Bra
  6. George & Ginger Jawbreaker Dress
  7. Lisette for Butterick B6385 Coat
  8. Wardrobe By Me Summer Breeze Top
  9. Itch to Stitch Medellin Top


For my kids, I plan to make the following from what I already own:

  1. Misusu Dia Sweater
  2. Boo! Designs Embrace Togs
  3. Candy Castle Peppermint Swirl Dress
  4. Charming Doodle Knight Hoodie


There will undoubtably be more new to me sews this year, and naturally, not all of these will get done. But, *goals* people!

To help me with these goals, I’ve created some planning sheets to track my projects. I’m hoping it will keep me on target and sew through my pattern and fabric stash without too many diversions!


I’d love to hear your goals and how you’re planning to stay organized in 2019! Happy New Year everyone!!

4 thoughts on “2018 in Review, Bring on 2019!”

  1. I love your planner sheet…great idea! Looks like you have some solid goals for 2019, and using patterns you already own. I also didn’t do very many pattern tests last year. I think I only did maybe two or three. Just too many strikes to sew up last year! Definitely cutting back on that this year. I got too stressed out last year.


    1. Thanks! My problem with strikes is that I really only sew them up for my kids – my husband and kids cannot be trusted behind the camera! I probably need to get a remote control for my camera! And now… I’ve been invited to like 4 pattern tests gaaa! They’re all beautiful but I think I can only do 1 at a time. All the spring collections are getting tested I guess!


  2. Wow!!! I’m so impressed with everything you did last year! I keep thinking about the air force hoodies and your wiggle dress – so amazing 🙂

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