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Lion… er… Liger Hoodie!

Can I just start by saying, I love, love, LOVE Whimsy Baby Customs Rapports?! What is a Rapport you say?

Well, turn to my trusty search engine:


A Whimsy Baby Customs Rapport goes along the same vein – a panel and two coordinates – all on one meter of fabric! I think it’s a brilliant thing! Certainly saves having to stress about buying a full yard of a coordinate, only to wonder what you will do with the leftovers – or wanting to buy 2 coordinates but not being able to afford 2 meters plus a panel. And the Whimsy Baby Rapports are SO adorable and unique. They have a number of cool grunge ones, and other more cutesy/whimsical ones. And the fabric quality is gorgeous! Nice and thick 220 GSM Cotton Lycra.

Here’s the full Rapport!

Anyway, Whimsy Baby Customs recently sent me a Lion Rapport to make something for my son. I decided to use the BeeKiddi BeeStyle Mini Hoodie pattern. This pattern has a ton of color blocking options, so doing some sketches ahead of time is a good idea!


While I was making the hood, I flipped back through the instructions and noticed someone had made theirs with teeth around the trim. Inspired, I used the selvedge of the fabric to add teeth to mine too.


I used some scraps of the coordinate to make the faux drawstring. I’d prefer to have used real drawstring cord, but I only had white on hand and thought that would look weird. Whimsy Baby Customs does carry a range of drawstrings, so if you’re buying a Rapport,  you could grab some drawstring while you’re at it (they’re currently sold out of most colors though. I hope to stock up a little when I’m in NYC in a few weeks).


I used some black Art Gallery cotton Lycra that I had in my stash for the hood lining and waistband. With the Rapport scraps, I made a pair of pants, but ugh, I made the wrong size so they swim on him! Ugh! I’ll take some pics of them in the flat though and share them in a separate post!


Overall, I love this hoodie, though I think on my stick-boy I should have sized down and then lengthened it. (The pattern instructions just list the heights, so my thought is to pull the Ottrobe size chart and use that as a chest guide). There’s nothing particularly complex about sewing it up. The only thing I’d say is that it’s helpful to have an empty work surface where you can lay out all your pieces so they stay in order as you are cutting and sewing. (I was thankful my husband cleaned off his desk! It was like he knew 😉 hahahaha).


The Lion Rapport is now available at Whimsy Baby Customs. They are based in Canada but ship to the USA just over the border, so you’re not having to pay international shipping if you are State-side!

This was my Week 5 rogue entry for the 52 Week Sewing Challenge.

I received this “strike-off” complimentary from Whimsy Baby Customs for purpose of review and promotion.

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