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Rapunzel Dress AND a SALE!

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It has been said that sewing and fabric collecting are two different hobbies. This Rapunzel fabric definitely goes into that collection hobby! I bought a yard of this print and the panel maybe 3 years ago with the intent on using it immediately to make something for my eldest daughter.



Such a beautiful fabric needed to wait for the right pattern!

Finally, with her 7th birthday looming, I built up the courage to finally cut into it with a Simple Life Pattern Company Aria Dress (you can see my first one here).


This pattern is just perfect for making a girly knit dress! It’s among my daughter’s favorite dresses and I’m so glad she hasn’t grown out of the princess phase yet. ❤ I think it helps that she always gets compliments whenever she wears this one!


Speaking of my daughter, just today she asked me what the alligator mouth and 3 ( < 3 )  meant. I might not look at heart emojis the same way again ;-).

Simple Life Pattern Company Aria Dress sewn by Auschick
Simple Life Pattern Company Aria Dress sewn by Auschick

Anyway, BIG NEWS about Simple Life Pattern Company — from TODAY until February 18th, 2019 all their patterns (excluding new releases) are FORTY PERCENT OFF with coupon code HAPPYBDAYSLPCO!!!!! If you’ve been eying the Aria or the Isla or the Kinley or the Tiffany leggings, NOW is the time to stock up! All their new releases will be 20% off too!

Hand Drawn Arrow - singleGo the Simple Life Pattern Company collection NOW!

Convincing this one about which shoes would be the best styling choice isn’t always easy! 😛

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