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Snow White Costume (Simplicity 2817)

When it comes to mending and fixing things, I am a huge procrastinator. I just hate to do it! I’d much rather just make something new than fix (or upcycle) something that I have. I know I’m not alone!


So, this dress is kinda like that. I had intended for my daughter to be Snow White when we went to Disney World last year, but with all the other projects on my list, I got as far as cutting it out and that was it.

November came and went, and then it was December. I rallied and got this gorgeous Snow White costume all done in time for the big reveal on Christmas Day.

And on Christmas Day, I discovered something….

The bodice was way too wide.

I had failed to look at the measurements properly and instead of cutting out a size 3T bodice, I’d cut out the size 6.

I spent months picking up the dress and looking at it and trying to decide where and how I should take it in, because I really didn’t fancy re-doing it.

But finally, with a week to go before Halloween, I decided to just suck it up and cut a new bodice (I had leftover blue fabric after all!), unpick my beautifully set in invisible zipper, and re-do the dress.

And for Halloween 2017, my daughter was able to wear a perfectly fitting costume!


And 4 days later she ripped a hole in the front of the skirt!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦


(At least the photos had already been taken before that discovery!)


Anyway… on to the pattern details.

I know a lot of people hate paper patterns, but I actually don’t mind them. I find they have great options for costumes and at $1-$2 on sale, it’s really hard to beat. I do make sure to always check before cutting and sewing, just in case there’s something wacky about a pattern that I would want to be aware of in advance!


In this dress (Simplicity 2817), I didn’t like the way the sleeves were appliquéd on, so I found this awesome tutorial for piecing the sleeves together. If you are making this dress, you definitely want to make the sleeves this way! The method isn’t difficult, and it yields such a great result.


Another change I made (actually, this change was post-deconstruction), was the method of installing the lining into the bodice. I didn’t like that the seams (as per the instructions) were completely exposed. My daughter hated them and complained they were scratching her when she first tried it on too. So, when I re-did it, I changed the construction steps around so that the sleeve, side seam, front seam and back zipper seams were all completely enclosed. I didn’t fancy hand stitching anything though, so I left the bottom seam of the bodice exposed, finished the edge separately on my serger, and then attached it to the bodice outer seam with my sewing machine.


As to the sizing, I used size 6 sleeves, size 6 skirt, and used the size 3T bodice pieces, lengthening them to size 6. If anything, the bodice could be a tad narrower, but the pattern starts at 3T and for me, it’s good enough :-).


For fabric, I used Casa Satin from JoAnn. I had a scrap of red satin that I used to line the cape. I think the cape would be amazing in a heavier fabric such as velvet, or even lining it with flannel would be great, especially if you’re going to be wearing it in a cooler climate. The yellow satin is a little transparent and could really do with an underskirt. A project for another day I guess! I think the skirt would also look fabulous with some horsehair braid in it (though a crinoline underskirt would help with giving it that extra oomph factor!).

The pattern also comes with instructions for making a red hair bow. I was in serious trouble for not making this crucial component! Perhaps I will eventually bow to Snow White’s demands to make this piece…. but not this week!

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