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You Had Me At Sushi!

When my kids saw that the new Raspberry Creek Fabrics Fall Collection had SUSHI fabric, it was pretty much an expectation that I'd be making them something with it! My eldest requested a top and my son surprised me by saying he wanted a sushi shirt too. And, unsurprisingly for him - a tshirt with… Continue reading You Had Me At Sushi!

children, sewing

{New} Raspberry Creek Fabrics Fall Collection – Calendula Dresses

I'm so excited to share the new collection of fall designs from Raspberry Creek Fabrics! I was recently selected as one of their quarterly bloggers, so I'll have quite a few RCF creations to share with you over the next few months! Raspberry Creek specialize in custom printed fabrics, and while they're mostly known for… Continue reading {New} Raspberry Creek Fabrics Fall Collection – Calendula Dresses

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Suit up for Summer with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

What a wacky year 2020 is turning out to be yes? When I was first invited to join the annual Raspberry Creek Fabrics Suit up for Summer Blog Tour hosted by SewSophieLynn and Paisley Roots, I of course had no idea that there would be a chance we may not actually GET to wear our swimsuits this year, but one can always HOPE! I don't know about you, but my emotions have been all over the place. Last week all I could see was a downward spiral of gloom, but this week I have a bit more hope. So, here's to a summer of sprinklers, water tables, and HOPEFULLY swimming pools too!