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Peony Patterns Calendula Dress {Release}

I'm so excited about the new Calendula dress from Peony Patterns, designed by their newest pattern designer, Annie Arana! Annie is based in Western Australia and will be focused on *knit* patterns for kids. Huzzah! My youngest, in particular, adores all the knit dresses because they're so much easier for her to put on. And… Continue reading Peony Patterns Calendula Dress {Release}

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Peony Patterns Lilac Shorts + FREE Tigerlily Tank {Release}

The cobbler's son has no shoes. The dress pattern tester's kids have no pants. The complexities of life! I'm excited to report that my girls finally have not one, but multiple pairs of shorts! I always hesitate to test pant/shorts patterns because let's just say I've been jaded by bad fits. I knew a Peony… Continue reading Peony Patterns Lilac Shorts + FREE Tigerlily Tank {Release}


RARE! All About Learning Discount Coupon!

If you're looking for a fantastic program for teaching your children reading and spelling, look no further than All About Reading and Spelling! This curriculum has a reputation for *never* being on sale, so exciting news!! They just released a coupon for 10% OFF Storewide until June 14, 2022! Use code: BUYEARLY. (Terms & Conditions).… Continue reading RARE! All About Learning Discount Coupon!

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Lemon Flavored Jasmine Dress

There are two ways to my youngest daughter's heart: lemons and owls. Last Halloween she was a lemon, the previous Halloween she was an owl. Next Halloween, she has declared she wants to be a bee. Why a bee? Well, this adorable lemon and bee fabric of course! When I spotted this citrus fabric collection… Continue reading Lemon Flavored Jasmine Dress


NEW! Uppercase Letter Crafts from All About Reading

Do you have a preschooler in need of some hands on activities? All About Learning have just released a brand new, full color, 120 page activity book of uppercase letter crafts, rhymes, and other activities that help reinforce learning the alphabet. If you're already planning to use (or have used) All About Pre-Reading, then this… Continue reading NEW! Uppercase Letter Crafts from All About Reading

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Peony Patterns Juniper Dress {Release}

So for this last month or so, I've been on a bit of a sewing hiatus. It wasn't really *intentional* - the issue was that my sewing machine refused to do an automatic buttonhole. This issue started back in October, and when I took it into the shop for them to fix it, their tech… Continue reading Peony Patterns Juniper Dress {Release}

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Sewn by my 10 Year-old! Peony Patterns Wildflower Embroidery {FREE Release}

I guess you could say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Am I ever surprised when my 10 year-old daughter takes on *yet another* craft project? No. Does it drive my husband crazy? Yes. Is my house covered in glitter and all.the.things? Definitely, yes. Shortly after Peony Patterns began back in 2020, my… Continue reading Sewn by my 10 Year-old! Peony Patterns Wildflower Embroidery {FREE Release}

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Floral Dresses & Swimsuits {for FabricMart}

I'm excited to be doing another year as a Fabricista for FabricMart! Every quarter, FabricMart gives me $50 to spend in their store and then I sew it all up and share it on their blog! This month I was drawn to these two floral prints in their shop - a woven border print, and… Continue reading Floral Dresses & Swimsuits {for FabricMart}

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Peony Patterns Freesia Dress {Release}

There's nothing quite as stunning as a double circle skirt! The new Freesia Dress by Peony Patterns has all that PLUS it's an easy dress to make with no elastic and just a few buttons in the back! I decided to make Freesia for my eldest daughter and she just loves how twirly it is!… Continue reading Peony Patterns Freesia Dress {Release}

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Peony Patterns Myrtle Dress {Release}

Tash from Peony Patterns has knocked it out of the park again with another super stunning dress! Myrtle is the latest dress everyone is swooning over, and it's easy to see why! The elegant buttoned back and the gorgeous puffy sleeves -- with NO elastic! -- are a beginner sewist's dream sew! And the options… Continue reading Peony Patterns Myrtle Dress {Release}