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Sewn by my 10 Year-old! Peony Patterns Wildflower Embroidery {FREE Release}

I guess you could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Am I ever surprised when my 10 year-old daughter takes on *yet another* craft project? No. Does it drive my husband crazy? Yes. Is my house covered in glitter and all.the.things? Definitely, yes.

Shortly after Peony Patterns began back in 2020, my eldest was desperate to learn hand embroidery like me. I got her a hoop, some linen, thread and needle, then she drew out some designs and got to work. Secretly, she’s vying for Jodie’s job, and is convinced she’ll work for Peony Patterns some day. Haha.

Stuck indoors in the pouring rain yesterday, I suggested she give the new Peony Patterns Wildflower hand embroidery a go. Super eager, she got to work! I’m so impressed with her efforts! She knew a couple of stitches already, and quickly picked up the new-to-her leaf stitch and laisy-daisy stitch. I want to say she got this done in just a few hours, proudly finishing it this morning!

So, I can definitely say Peony Patterns Wildflower is perfect for beginners AND even better, this hand embroidery pattern is FREE!!!!! Download and get sewing one up today! You can use it for home decor, as an embellishment on clothing, shoes, bags, hair bows, accessories – whatever takes your fancy!

Wildflower comes with a complete tutorial demonstrating each stitch with photographs. It also has suggested DMC colors (you can of course, use whatever colors you like). The pattern includes petite buttons, small, medium and large motifs. I’m seeing this as a fantastic project for your kids to work on during the summer!

Be sure to join the Peony Patterns Facebook Group to show off your (or your child’s) work! It’s always fun to see what people come up with!

Happy stitching!

P.S. She’s wearing the Peony Patterns’ Ivy Dress, which I made 2 years ago! Still manages to squeeze into it, LOL.

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