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Hand Embroidered Owl Dress

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Ever since my youngest daughter was 18 months, she’s been obsessed with owls. I don’t quite know what the trigger for it was, however around about that time, our homeschool community did an owl pellet dissection with my older kids, later that day I showed my kids some owl pellet videos on YouTube (and again and again by popular demand lol). Also around that time, one of our friends came back from a trip to Alaska and handed my daughter a toy snowy owl – quite possibly the first toy she received that was *just hers* and not a hand-me-down! So I think between those two events, an obsession was born!

A few weeks ago, she turned SIX, and I decided to finally buy and sew this beautiful hand embroidered owl and use it on a new dress. She had selected this owl fabric quite some time ago too – we found it on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year for just $3 p/yard! I love the monochrome fabric and embroidery together!

The embroidery took a little bit of practice to get a nice even stitch, but I didn’t find it hard to sew up – I think I knocked it out over the course of a couple of evenings. Normally I would do embroidery any time of day, but for this one, I could only work at night since it was a secret!

I decided to use the Peony Patterns Camellia Dress pattern (join the Peony Patterns Facebook group if you haven’t already!). I blended the size 3 width and size 5 length together for a perfect fit (this dress runs from size 1 – 14). This was my second time making this dress (though my first time blogging it!), and it went together easily. The pattern comes with two collar options, which I omitted, two skirt options (full and regular), puff sleeves, ruffled cuffs, an optional sash, and optional pintucked bodice. I love being able to use just the parts I need to create the perfect outfit!

The puppet owl was her birthday gift – we picked it up from Barnes & Noble. The head even turns all the way around! I tried to take some photos without the owl puppet, but it was on the chilly side and the puppet kept one hand warm!

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