RightStart Math Posters

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A couple of years ago, I was visiting a friend’s home and she had some RightStart posters up on her wall. I was inspired and decided to get some for myself!

Having posters up on the wall is a great way for reinforcing things for your kids, especially while they’re not in a math lesson!

RightStart have three posters available: Numbers (fingers + tally sticks + abacus pictures), Fractions, and Short Multiplication Chart. These posters are available individually or bundled and in two sizes: classroom size (it’s quite huge – 24″ x 36″) and letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″). Without bothering to measure, I opted for the classroom size poster, however I failed to take into account our lack of wall space at home, so I decided to just put the number poster up in my youngest’s bedroom for now.

The posters come on lightweight poster paper. I would recommend laminating them. I HAD wanted to do that, however I never got around to taking them to Office Depot for lamination, so I decided it was better to just USE the posters than have them continue to hide, rolled up behind the tv!

For those who are really short on space or travel school, Right Start now have a personal size tri-fold poster available. This one is great for probably level B – E, and I’m planning to get one for my eldest to use. It comes with the number charts, short multiplication, fractions, definitions, and addition and subtraction strategies.

A middle school trifold poster is also available. This one focuses on geometry – with trigonometry, parts of circles, names of solids, how to draw shapes, etc.

Are you looking for a math curriculum you can use with your whole family? We’ve loved using RightStart Mathematics. You can learn more by checking out the rest of my blog posts on this curriculum, or visiting the RightStart website to get started!


*I am a RightStart Mathematics Affiliate, and am committed to writing a monthly blog post about our journey with this curriculum. Any purchases you make using my affiliate links will earn me a small commission (this will not affect the cost to you!).

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