RightStart Math Sale & Some Favorites

This post contains affiliate links that help support my blog at no cost to you.

Hi friends! It’s that time of year again where I start thinking “I really should have worked out my curriculum last month but at least it’s not August YET.”

For those who HAVE been procrastinating on your math curriculum though, have no fear! RightStart have released a new coupon code and it expires July 11, 2021 and it gives you 15% off your order (shipping is always free!). Use LDSHE21XLD at the checkout.

To help you get started, I have various posts that can help you with organizing your supplies and deciding what to get. I also have various favorites you can check out!

How to Organize Right Start Supplies

Getting Started with RightStart Math

Tactile Number Cards

Free Printable: Abacus Sticker Chart

Wooden Fraction Puzzle (we really love this! They also make a magnetic set if you need something less prone to getting tipped over)

Small Poster Set (We have the large ones and they’re HUGE! Perfect if you have lots of space, but if you’re pretty tight, then this small one is a great option!)

Base 10 & Place Value Card Holder (I still don’t have this, but it is super helpful to have the cards all easy to go like this, especially in level A, B, and C).

Happy summer and happy homeschooling!

Homeschool science has been fun the last month or so — Brood X Cicadas kept my kids very occupied!! They’re a bit sad that they’re all gone now though!

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