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Peony Patterns Jasmine + Iris (Pastel Rainbow Dress)

We all have those projects. You know the ones: The ones we start. And then…. they go on hold… for way too long. I actually stitched this Iris embroidery MONTHS ago. And of course, it was just LOVE! I really enjoyed stitching the Hungarian Chain Stitch, though it did take a couple of tries to get the stitch just right.

But the dilemma was this: My youngest daughter wanted a maxi dress with puff sleeves. I wasn’t quite convinced. So I decided to try mashing the Peony Patterns Jasmine Dress bodice and sleeves with the Peony Patterns Ivy Dress length, but making it tiered like Jasmine.

Whew, that was a mouthful.

And so, everything got cut out, ready to sew, and then… another test came along, and another, and another. And the thing I wasn’t really wanting to do ended up on the backburner.

It happens.

Anyway, last week I finally got back to finishing it off, and as I anticipated, I hated it. Naturally, Miss 5 loved it. But. I just couldn’t. It looked so dowdy with the long skirt and cropped bodice. So after some group messaging with my closest sewing girls, I shortened the skirt to knee length instead. I’ve promised her a long dress another time!

And I do love it! The short length is so cute – it’s a perfect spring/summer dress!

Resource List

Fabric: Hobby Lobby Rainbows Cotton Calico and Pink Oxford Shirting (Hobby Lobby NLA)

Embroidery Pattern: Peony Patterns Iris + DMC Thread (Previously made here and here)

Dress Pattern: Peony Patterns Jasmine Dress, size 2.5T chest, 5 length (Previously made here and here) – Peony Patterns Facebook Group is also a great place for more inspo!

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