RightStart Math Convention Time!

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It’s convention season again, which means *sale time*! Due to Covid restrictions, many of the normally in-person homeschool conventions are online again this year, which means Right Start Math’s normal convention discount is also available online! (Keep reading – I’ve included it at the coupon code at the end of this post!).

I’ve written a lot about using Right Start Math – we’ve been using this curriculum since my eldest was in Kindergarten, so we’re finishing up our 4th year with it.

Here are a few posts I’ve written over the years with more details on our experience with this program:

Lately, my 7 year old son has been obsessed with cats. He insists he will own 30 when he is old enough to move out haha. As a result though, he’s been making edits to his worksheets:

If you’re ready to buy RightStart curriculum, be sure to use their current discount code! OVH21AF is valid until May 2, 2021 and will give you 15% off your order (cannot be combined with other discounts). As always, shipping is free year round!

This is part of the tesselation lesson in Level C.

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