New on Etsy: Favorite Lists!

This post contains affiliate links that help support my blog at no cost to you.

Etsy has recently added a cool feature to the favorited items section of your Etsy account! Now when you heart something, you can sort it into a list! This is so handy, especially when your list of favorites gets a bit out of control, or if you’re trying to plan a gift or work out your next project and want to keep all your “like items” together. I took a few minutes just now to go through my favorites and move them into lists – it was really quick and easy! I’ve kept my favorites pretty simple for now, but I can totally see making them more granular, especially as I work out fabrics and notions for a future sewing project!

To see my favorites, go check out my recently updated Etsy lists! I’ll be adding to them as I find fun things on Etsy!

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