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A Peony Christmas + New Embroidery Patterns!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With just a few days before December 25, I finally got my girls’ Christmas dresses finished! Not that they’ll be going anywhere special in them, but it’s still fun to dress up, even if we’re stuck at home!

I started out each dress with the embroidery – the snowflakes are part of the Peony Patterns Mistletoe pattern collection, and the garland is from the Peony Patterns Holly pattern collection. Both designs suggested adding in beads and sequins in place of french knots, and it’s such a perfect detail! It was amazing timing too, because my eldest recently got obsessed with hand embroidery so we picked up a bunch of books from the library. I quite enjoyed Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples by Yasuko Endo (affiliate link) – lots of ideas for incorporating beads in this one!

I decided to try something a little different with my eldest’s dress – for hers, I merged the sleeves from the Peony Patterns Jasmine Dress with the body of the Peony Patterns Daisy Dress (check out my first Daisy dress over here). Other than declaring “my back is cold!” (seriously, this girl was outside in the snow three days ago wearing a short sleeved t-shirt), I think this is a successful mash up. I made this one slightly larger than last time, doing a size 6 chest, 5 waist and 10 height.

For my youngest’s dress, I decided not to be quite as creative and just did a standard Jasmine dress. I do love the adorable details on this one, and have talked more about Jasmine in this previous blog post. Her measurements aren’t quite as all over the place as big sister’s – I did a size 2 chest and 4 height. Afterwards, I realized she’s closer to a size 5 height, so if the chest still fits her next year, I might add a little lace or something to the hemline.

I scored this fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby – the gingham is quite nice, but the solid is a bit “slubby”. Not ideal, but hopefully it will hold up ok. Both are cotton fabrics I think – the solids are different from the Hobby Lobby homespun that I used on my youngest’s Duchess and Hare Junebug dress – the homespun was *way* nicer to work with than this one.

Merry Christmas! ❤

P.S. Check out the Peony Patterns Facebook group for lots more inspiration!

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