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Peony Patterns Daisy Dress + Iris Embroidery

I’m back with another lovely dress from Peony Patterns! The Daisy Dress was included in Peony Patterns’ first collection earlier this year, but I never had a chance to sew it up. Since I wanted to try another variation of the Iris hand embroidery, this was a great motivation to get Daisy made!

About the Fabric

For this dress, I once again used some of the gorgeous 100% flax seed linen from The Top Knot Doll Co. in Australia. It is beautiful to sew and wear, and was perfect for making this Daisy Dress! Since I had some rich purple linen leftover from my youngest’s Jasmine Dress, I turned some into bias strips and created faux piping accents on this one. As I mentioned in my Jasmine blog post, The Top Knot Doll has just 11 colors but they’re all part of an exclusive collection and as such, all coordinate together perfectly.

About the Daisy Dress

Daisy is a lovely dress with an open and elasticized back, elbow length sleeves with cuffs, and **pockets**!! It comes in sizes 1 – 14, and is dress length only (in lightweight fabrics you could easily lengthen it).

Peony Patterns’ Daisy Dress line drawings

My 9 year old’s measurements are all over the place, so I blended size 5 chest with size 4 waist and size 10 height and as you can see, the fit is perfect.

Daisy is a straightforward sew (I’d probably rate it as advanced beginner), though because I decided I need to pipe everything, it ended up taking quite a while. Mostly because I had to unpick a bunch of it after I realized I had totally skipped all the piping I’d intended to do :-/. Sigh. Keep those seam rippers close, people! Incidentally, I have two favorites: Bernina’s seam ripper, and the (affiliate link –>) Clover seam ripper.

For the piping: Since the seams are all 1/2″, I cut the bias strips 1 1/4″ wide each so that just 1/8″ would peek out. I basted them to the front side of one piece (raw edges aligned), then stitched the seam to the lining as normal, being sure to be super accurate with my seam allowance.

I did notice that the back was a little gapey on a number of the tester pictures. To minimize this, I was very careful to stabilize the bias back with Emma Seabrooke’s woven stay tape and blend the back pattern piece to the waist sizing.

Oh, and these wings! My daughter received them as a gift a few years ago – they come from Dragon Wings LLC who have a shop at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The craftsmanship in these is amazing – they are just beautifully constructed! I can’t see this particular style on their website but if it’s something you’re interested in, drop them a message and find out that way. (They also have moved their wings to a separate website, but again, I don’t see the small ones on there!)

About Iris Hand Embroidery

Iris Hand Embroidery Pattern comes with a range of rainbow patterns and various stitch options for each one. It does blow my mind just how many designs you can do with needle and thread!!

This particular version uses the Hungarian Chain Stitch. It definitely took some practice and I had to pull mine out a couple of times until I was happy enough with it. I still don’t love my top row, but the rest looks ok. I learned that you need to keep your stitches super loose for this one – if you pull tight, then you’ll end up with a very narrow chain.

Because I was stitching this onto white fabric, I was concerned that the purple threads on the back might be visible on the front. I normally stabilize the stitching area with a circle of interfacing, however I also thought this may show through. So, I decided to stabilize the entire front panel with a medium weight interfacing (I would recommend lightweight – I just couldn’t seem to find any at that moment!). I get my interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply – it adheres really well to the fabric and because it IS fabric, it also gives a really nice hand to the garment.

My favorite thing is the purple rainbow embroidery!

-Miss 9

Final Thoughts

Daisy was an enjoyable sew, made longer by the embroidery and piping treatment. The back is so glamorous, I can see many girls loving this one! And it has pockets, which are a total win any day!!

Iris embroidery is currently on sale through Sunday November 8th (8pm US Eastern).

Disclaimer: I received these sewing patterns complimentary from Peony Patterns in exchange for testing/promoting them. I received 2 meters of metro white 100% linen from Topknot Doll in exchange for review and promotion. Opinions are always 100% my own!

4 thoughts on “Peony Patterns Daisy Dress + Iris Embroidery”

  1. How do you like this interfacing and Seam tape versus commercial ones? Asking as a newbie. It came out beautifully!


    1. After finding these interfacings, I never use stuff from the big box stores for clothing! For interfacing, I recommend using either these ones from fashion sewing supply, or the ones from Palmer & Pletch. The only downside with the Palmer and pletch ones is many have rayon in them and need to be preshrunk. Fabric Mart sell them though, so they’re easy to add onto a FM order if you’re buying fabric there. The seam tape is fabulous and she ships free in the US. I keep a bunch of different types in my stash.


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