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Duchess & Hare Junebug Dress {Release}

I’m so loving this hand embroidery kick I’m on! My youngest had been nagging for an embroidered dress after I had made her big sister’s dress a few weeks ago. When she saw me stitching this one, she promptly gave me some of her artwork and declared that she wanted me to embroider it! So, I’m thinking we might have a fun back-to-school outfit coming soon!

Anyway, here’s the new Junebug Dress from Duchess & Hare. It’s so adorable and my four year-old loves it (especially the apron)!


And looky, looky!! I’m finally a cover girl! ❤ I was so surprised to see my daughter on the cover!!!!


About the Pattern

  • Junebug is a woven pinafore style top/dress with a choice of button or shirred back.
  • Removable apron
  • Optional strap ruffles
  • 3 lengths: tunic, vintage, or above the knee
  • 2 rows of pleats at dress/vintage length hem (optional)
  • Angled patch pockets
  • Sizes 2T – 14


This dress is a little bit fiddly and requires some top stitching, so I would probably rate it as Advanced Beginner – Intermediate.


To line up the patch pockets, I used my usual trick of quilt basting spray. I also used a washable glue stick to help with holding the straps together before top stitching.



Fabric Choices

We recently had a Hobby Lobby open up nearby, so I decided to pay them a visit and get this purple homespun fabric. It’s a little bit like linen but 100% cotton with a nice light-medium weight. The gingham and purple lining are both poly/poly blends. I found the lace in my stash – I’d had that one since before having kids, so it was nice to get that mostly used up! I also found some purple gingham ribbon at Hobby Lobby, and bought it thinking I’d use it for…. something. In the end, I decided to turn it into hairpieces.


Initially I had no plans to embroider the front of this dress, but I guess I got inspired and scoured the DMC website until settling on the White Floral Trio pattern. I shrunk the pattern to about 70% but should have made it a tad smaller, because I forgot about taking into account the 1″ apron overlap. As a result, I decided not to align the bottom of the apron waistband with the skirt seam – centering it instead.



Overall, I really love how this dress turned out. I did have some trouble getting the shirred dress over her head and off again. My kids do tend to have big heads so I think the button back would be better for her. But I do love to do some shirring!


Oh, and I’m so glad these shoes kinda fit my daughter! I picked them up on clearance at the Gap a few years ago for I want to say, $3. They’re a little big, but for photos, they work!


June Bug is on sale until Friday August 21, 2020, so if you’d like to make this one too, be sure to grab it this week!


Disclaimer: I received this pattern complimentary in exchange for testing it. Opinions are 100% mine.






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