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Pattern Emporium Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee

After testing the new Cape Cod Capelet from Itch to Stitch, I knew I needed to have a coordinating top to go underneath it for my pictures. I’d been hoarding both the sweater knit and the rayon lycra ever since scoring it from Mily Mae Fabrics last year (I won a gift card to their store). Of course I was going to sew it last year…  so I was glad to finally break into it for this project!


Pattern Emporium Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee options

The Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee released from Pattern Emporium a couple of months ago so I bought it while it was on sale – I was immediately drawn to the puff sleeves and tight arms on this design! I also adored the lace version that one of their testers made – I can see this as a pattern with lots of versatility!


This was my first time sewing anything from Pattern Emporium and I was impressed with the quality of the pattern. The pattern pieces are well laid out so that you’re not assembling tons of pages together. The instructions are detailed with lots of tips throughout, and photos of the steps are included.


In addition to the puff sleeves, the the Puff Sleeve Tee has multiple necklines and various sleeve lengths. It can be mashed with other Pattern Emporium patterns in the Hello Gorgeous collection.

For my version, I used the high round neckline, and long sleeves. I have found my rayon to be quite drapey and as a result it’s pulling the sleeve down a bit. I think if I did another one in rayon, I would stabilize the neckline to prevent that from happening.


I REALLY LOVE how this looks however! And it goes perfectly with my ITS Cape Cod Capelet! I can see myself getting lots of wear from this pattern!



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