A Month of Dump & Go Meals

Once A Month Meals This post includes affiliate links which help support my blog.

This year I joined Once A Month Meals to assist me with somewhat effortless meal planning. Back in early July I spent an afternoon making the Summer Instant Pot Dump & Go Mini Menu #1 which yielded 18 four-person dinners, and it took almost 2 months before we finished them all!

Shopping day! Most of the ingredients for our month of recipes lined up!

The July menu included 10 recipes, of which I made 8. They included:

  • Instant Pot Buttermilk Herb Chicken
  • Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Chicken
  • Instant Pot Country Style Ribs
  • Instant Pot Honey Lime Chicken
  • Instant Pot Ginger Pork Tenderloin
  • Instant Pot Balsamic Pork Loin
  • Instant Pot Italian Chicken Breasts
  • Instant Pot Tangy & Sweet BBQ Chicken

Many of these meals were “Dump and Go” meals, which are basically marinated meats that you pair with veggies/salad and a carb on serving day. Initially I was following the recipes to a T including the pepper – which we did discover tasted amazing – but my kids hate anything “spicy” so I intentionally omitted it from some of the dishes and we just added it to our own individual plates on serving day.

And this is what it looks like all done! I love the labels it auto-generates for you to stick on!

The great thing about the Dump and Go meals compared to the traditional all-in-one meals, is they take up a whole lot less space in your freezer! Just means a little more forethought on serving day!

How does this work?

Once A Month Meals makes your meal planning SO EASY! Just select a menu, make edits to it if you wish (add or remove recipes, change servings), then the program automatically generates your shopping lists, chopping lists, and list of all the steps you need to follow to create your month of freezer meals – all achievable in an afternoon or so. On your serving day, you just pull out a meal and stick it in your oven, Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, stove or grill. The menus are very customizable and can be filtered according to your diet – low carb, kosher, vegetarian, Whole 30, etc!

Ok, so this creeped me out. I bought these chicken breasts from Aldi and they were GIANT. I think I’m going to suck up the cost and get organic ones from Costco in the future – I don’t want to know what was pumped into that oversized chicken! (And disposable gloves are perfect for cutting up meat! From Harbor Freight)

How do I get in on Once A Month Meals?

Once a Month Meals is a membership based meal planning menu service and membership is currently closed to the public until January. BUT, they do gradually roll out private memberships so if you get on the waitlist today, you’ll get an invitation sometime soon! And while you wait for your membership invite, you can try out one of their free mini menus.

Happy meal planning!

And shout out to my Global Knife Sharpener! I just love this gadget. You fill it up with water and then slide the knife along the two different grit stones at the correct angle. Sharp knives, yay!


Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Once A Month Meals. I receive a small commission when you sign up for membership (but my account stays active if you simply sign up to their email waitlist – at no cost to you!)

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