Math in Summer

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It’s summer! For many people this means school takes a back seat, so a fun way to keep kids engaged in math whether they’re homeschooled or in traditional school is to have them do math games! Math games are a fantastic tool for building speed in math calculations – in fact, thanks to RightStart Math (the curriculum we use), my 5 year old homeschooled son can answer simple math problems faster than my public schooled 7 year old!


RightStart has an entire book full of math games that can be purchased as part of the RightStart curriculum OR can standalone. Standalone is great if your child is using a different math curriculum or in a traditional school environment.

In addition, every summer RightStart releases a whole bunch of games on their blog (some are new, others are in their book), so if you need a bit of a change, then that’s a great resource too!

Here’s some great ones to try out:

Are you looking for a math curriculum you can use with your whole family? We love using RightStart Mathematics*. You can learn more by checking out the rest of my blog posts on this curriculum, or visiting the RightStart website* to get started!


*I am a RightStart Mathematics Affiliate*, and am committed to writing a monthly blog post about our journey with this curriculum. Any purchases you make using my affiliate links will earn me a small commission (this will not affect the cost to you!).

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