Sew Americana 2019

Welcome to Day 2 of the Sew Americana 2019 tour, hosted by Wild & Wanderful! This is my 3rd year participating in Katy’s tour and this time I took advantage of our wonderful sponsorship opportunity from Sly Fox Fabrics (check out their category for Sew Americana fabrics!)

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My initial plan for this tour was to make something using USA pattern designers, but when I saw the fabrics from Sly Fox, I was really drawn to their eyelet fabrics – and I was reminded of a Burda pattern I had wanted to make 9 years ago. So, into my Burda stash I dug! For the shorts, I decided to use the new Jalie Simone’s since I had just made them for my daughter so they were fairly fresh in my mind.

So, rather than my USA designers + USA fabric, I ended up with German and Canadian designers + USA fabric. So, not quite what I was going for, but it also made me think about the melting pot we have here in the States. I grew up in Australia in a heavily white/Australian region – with the exception of our university campus (which was somewhat diverse, though mostly Asian/White). I had one Asian friend, a handful of Asian relatives, knew a couple of Fijians and that was about IT for ethnic diversity. The one thing I have loved most about living in the Washington DC Metro region is our diversity! In my cul-de-sac of 13 homes, we have 11 nationalities/ethnicities represented. In a 10 minute drive, I can get to at least 3 big international grocery stores, and for restaurants, I can choose from at least 15 ethnic cuisines, mostly prepared by people from those countries. And this is in the suburbs! This is a great place to be :).

Burda 6/2010 – #120 Blouse


I started by making the asymmetrical blouse. Burda instructions are notoriously sparse (though these ones were fairly straight forward) and I mostly followed them, though I did make a couple of changes.

  • Their version was unlined, but I wasn’t convinced I could pull that off, so I lined mine with some broadcloth.
  • The top was also supposed to have lace around the top, but I felt it was already pretty bulky up there, and since I had lined it, didn’t see the point of the lace. So, since I had the lace, I decided to make a strap with it instead.
  • The top is also supposed to have a zipper down the side, but I found it quite wide and easy-ish to get on and off, so I skipped the zipper. I did find the width to be way too wide at the bust though, so if I narrowed it down, then the zipper may have been needed. (Note, after looking at reviews on Pattern Review, it seems a lot of people found it too wide around the neckline – so measure yourself and the pattern pieces first to work out which size to make in the neckline).
  • I added stabilizing tape around the neckline.
  • I also lengthened the top by a few inches.
  • I finished the edge of the ruffles with my serger’s rolled hem setting.
  • Note, the instructions neglect to mention sewing the darts, which you need to do first.

Admittedly, I was really worried about the style of this one – I hadn’t seen too many asymmetrical tops lately, and ruffles do come and go – though I had been told at a sewing conference that they come back in for women every 10 years without fail. And I think this is the year they are back! But, I think to be more on trend, one row of ruffles would have been better.


Jalie Simone – 3908

Paper bag style pants are totally IN right now – in fact, I was up in NYC over the weekend and they were *everywhere*. Downside of the suburbs: I just don’t go many places where I’m observing current fashion a whole lot, LOL.


The Jalie Simone is in the paper bag style, though it’s not as dramatic as most of the ones I’ve been seeing in RTW. Obviously a loose top over it isn’t the best way to see the effect though!


I made these Simones in a Sly Fox rayon challis, and because it’s a little bit sheer, I lined them in pongee lining from Fabric Mart. These shorts are super comfortable to wear! And they have pockets!


My biggest challenge with these shorts would be the sizing – I have a narrow waist + sway back (S) and pretty chunky thighs (V), and since these have no front closure, I need to make them fit my hips and then have the elastic tight in the back. But then there’s a lot of excess fabric in the back once they’re on. The challis does seem to hide that fairly well, but I made a quick muslin in chambray and it was a lot more pronounced. So I think for these shorts (at least for my body), fluid fabric is the key.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you get a chance to check out the rest of the amazing creations on this tour!

Link Summary

Disclosure: I received 2 yards of fabric complementary from SlyFox Fabrics for purposes of promotion. I’m also a Jalie Ambassador and received the Simone pattern free in exchange for promotion. 


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19 thoughts on “Sew Americana 2019”

  1. What a cute fabric pairing, and the outfit is absolutely adorable! I have the striped rayon challis, too, but I made a swing top. It’s so beautiful to work with!


  2. Super cute outfit! I’m also jealous of all of your grocery store options. We move every three months and are currently living in a town with one small grocery store that is slim pickings.


    1. Ahh, yes, I am very lucky! In addition to the big international grocery stores, we also have at least 3 regular american supermarkets within 10 minutes + a costco, Aldi, and Wegmans, so we are very spoiled!


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