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Duchess & Hare Fete to Be Tied Dress Release

When I saw the tester call for the Duchess and Hare Fete to Be Tied Dress, I knew I had to be on it. I just loved the back of it – and knew my eldest would as well!


And I guess I should point out that all poses are completely directed by Miss 7. Lol. I don’t know where she gets it haha!


This dress was surprisingly simple to sew, though the narrowness of the straps made them a little fiddly to turn with my (aff link) loop turner (if you have challenge with them, you could easily use a smaller seam allowance to make them a bit wider). I want to say my total cut and sew time was around 2 hours for this dress.

My parents stayed at the Langham in Chicago last time they were in the States and bequeathed the sunglasses to my girls!)

I sewed this one up in an Art Gallery quilting cotton – the dress can also be made in other lightweight wovens and is particularly great in rayon, batiste, double gauze, lawn, georgette, and chambray. I have some rayon challis just waiting to be turned into a Fete To Be Tied!


It is important to pay attention to your child’s measurements for this dress, especially around the chest. With less drapey fabrics there is more chance of the dress gaping at the side of the chest. If it does gape, you can make adjustments to the length of the straps at the back. If it is too loose at the waist, you can simply shorten the elastic there.


My daughter is 7 years old – she measured 5T at the chest, and 7 for length. I adjusted the dress by using a size 5T bodice as is, and using the 5T circle skirt (Diagram – Blue/A) but lengthening it to the size 8 line (Diagram – Green/B) (when doing this, note that the pattern lines are not symmetrical, so you’ll need to measure the longest point and use that distance the whole way around (Diagram – Red/C) (I folded the pattern piece over itself a few times, then marked the distance in a few points, then blended the line together).


The dress also has a maxi option, which is much easier to lengthen as it’s just a rectangle piece.


This fabulous dress will be great for the summer! It’s on sale this week, so be sure to grab it! (I think my girl likes it, yes? 😉 ) (Sale ends Sunday, June 16 @ midnight).



Link Summary

Disclosure: I received a copy of this pattern in exchange for testing. Opinions are my own! 

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