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Oliver +S Buttoned-Up Button-Down Shirt

I was in Australia back in March and had promised to make my nephew a PJ Masks shirt, since that’s his current obsession. My sister has four boys with this one being her third, so he’s pretty accustomed to just getting hand-me-downs in the wardrobe department. As a result, he was VERY excited and proud to get his very own PJ Masks shirt from his auntie!


olv-os054bu2-d_detailNormally I make the Oliver+S Sketchbook Shirt, but I wanted to try my hand at a different style, so instead opted for the newer Oliver+S Buttoned-Up Button-Down Shirt.

This shirt differs from the Sketchbook in a couple of ways – it’s a long sleeved shirt, has two placket options, a real collar stand, and two pocket options.

I decided to make the shirt short sleeved by comparing the sleeve to the Sketchbook Shirt and cutting it at a similar length.


I did rush through this pattern a bit, so I made a couple of errors. The most noticeable was on the collar – I wasn’t paying attention to aligning it properly, so as a result, it isn’t centered properly. To make it less obvious, I skipped the collar buttons.


Over to TIP TIME! To open up the buttonholes, I like to carefully use a chisel rather than a seam ripper! This helps ensure a very neat and clean buttonhole opening. You just have to be really careful not to cut into the sewing thread. I use my husband’s chisel set to do this, but there are also chisels specifically made for sewing that have a double bevel on them (so you’re less likely to cut your buttonhole stitching).


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