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Oliver + S Fairytale Dress meets Stitchery

First: I just love my baby girl! ❤


Now that I have my mushy mommy moment over, time for some details!

This is the Oliver+S Fairytale Dress which was released about 5 years ago. I bought this pattern shortly after it released and used it once – to sew something for a friend. Finally, FINALLY, I got around to making it it again but for one of my own kids!


MK*Designs sent me a sample of their new 626 Acre Wood print on Cotton Poplin. It was my first time getting custom poplin and you guys – it is BEAUTIFUL! It feels like my microfiber sofa – so soft! And it has a lovely sheen, weight, and drape. If you enjoy sewing with wovens, you must try their cotton poplin! I am SO impressed! Oh, and I prewashed it on warm with warm dry and you know what? It didn’t shrink. At all. So, if you’re not afraid of the chemicals on fabric and have no allergies, then you can safely cut and sew this and skip that pre-wash (fun fact: the sizing in the fabric actually helps make sewing easier).


(This fabric, along with a whole collection of Halloween prints, is available for pre-order from MK*Designs until Friday June 7, 2019 Monday June 10, 2019).


Cotton Lycra & Woven Collection

Minky, Fluff, Swim, Yoga Collection

About the Pattern

Anyway, without further ado, here’s some more details on the dress:


The Fairytale Dress comes with a sleeveless and tulip sleeve option. There’s an optional bow on the back or a small bow on the front. There are also two different collar shapes. The dress is fully lined with bias binding around the sleeveless armhole, and optional tulle inside the skirt.


The instructions include a lot of hand stitching for the zipper and hem, but I altered the steps to avoid that. For the invisible zipper, the instructions have you sew up the bottom of the dress before installing the zipper, but I prefer to do zips the reverse. I sewed the zip into the outer fabric first, then used a regular zipper foot to attach the zipper to the lining, then went ahead and stitched the rest of the back seam. At least, I think that’s how I did it. I might make a video next time I do it.

For the hem, I used my blind hem foot.


Size wise, I did an 18-24 month bodice lengthened to size 3T. I skipped the suggestion to make a muslin first. In hindsight, I should have done a 2T bodice because the neckline is a bit tight on her and she’s not happy about it!


I found the bias tape for the arm band to be bigger than the hole. To rectify this, I sewed it on with the bias tape against the feed dogs and the arm hole against the presser foot. This ensured that the bias tape eased onto the dress properly.


Overall, a cute pattern that I hopefully will use a few more times before she sizes out of it (my copy of this pattern runs to 4T).


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