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Jalie Henri Pants & Alex Sweatshirt Release

One of the indy sewing pattern highlights every year is the release of the new Jalie pattern collection! As a Jalie promoter, we start seeing the pattern line drawings a few months before the actual release and then have to keep quiet about them until they actually get released! TORTURE!


The new collection has 12 patterns and all come in 28 sizes for kids and adults. I had so many favorites, but with a trip to Australia for most of April, I knew I wouldn’t have time to sew many up. I settled on sewing up 3 patterns, and I’ll show two of them to you today!


The Jalie Alex 3907 is an updated version of an older Jalie half-zip pullover pattern. It has a relaxed fit, funnel neck, side pockets and optional elasticized adjustable waistband.

Jalie Henri 3909 is a sweatpants and shorts pattern designed for boys and men, though it easily works for girls too. It’s a slim fit pant with cuffs, separate elasticized waistband, optional drawstring, side pockets and back patch pocket. (Note, my son is wearing this pattern – my girls are wearing Jalie 3355).


About Jalie Alex 3097

Jalie Alex is a great way to use up all those fleece offcuts you’ve been hoarding from JoAnn! (Oh, I’m the only one who does that??). It’s a fairly straightforward sew, though it does have a zipper installation and welt pockets, so I’d recommend it to someone with intermediate skills (or a patient beginner).




Things to keep in mind:

  • Pockets: after sewing the pocket/side seam, be sure to test that the welt has been fully caught in the seam before top stitching it.
  • Elasticized waist: this part is optional, and even though I had purchased the parts needed for it, I decided to skip it because I was concerned the toggles would get pulled off by my kids. My toggles were also pretty large, so I think this option would be best for adults rather than kids.
  • Buying fleece: Not all fleece is the same. If you can afford the beautiful real polar fleece, then I highly recommend Discovery Trekking Outfitters in Canada (they ship worldwide and have a stunning collection!). If JoAnn is your only option, I highly recommend their premium fleeces (Luxe Fleece) rather than the cheap “Blizzard Fleece”. I used a combination of fleeces and found the blizzard fleece to be more like felt, and the luxe fleece way more comfortable, better looking, and long lasting.
  • Top stitching: If you have a coverstitch machine, I recommend using that with a single needle chain stitch. I did some of my top stitching with my normal sewing machine, but found the fabric too stretchy to have success with a regular straight stitch. If you go the sewing machine route, you may want to use stretch thread (or Woolly Nylon) in the bobbin so that you can still use a straight stitch.
My girls are wearing Jalie Alex with Sweatpants 3355


Fun Fact!

When I first started sewing back in junior high, I obsessively made puppets – (think Muppets style). My go-to fabric for those was fleece and I still had leftovers from that time! So the gray and light purple in these pullovers are actually from that and ahem… over 20 years old. The mottled green was from my mum’s stash – and even older! I found it when I was in Australia last month – my mum had used it for a sweatshirt for my younger sister sometime in the early 1990’s! Stash busting – woohoo!




About Henri 3909

My son desperately needed new sweatpants, so I was excited to see the Henri joggers in this collection! I was interested in seeing the difference between the Henri and Sweatpants 3355 too. Henri is a slower sew than the 3355’s, since you’re adding on a waistband and cuffs (compared to folding over the hem allowance). It also has a slimmer, tapered fit, a 2 piece inseam pocket, and a drawstring.


I changed the construction method of these to allow for a topstitched inseam (I outlined the steps in my Sweatpants 3355 post). I also decided to omit the drawstring and make a faux drawstring instead, and used a grommet for the opening rather than a buttonhole. In hindsight, my son is having trouble keeping these pants up, so I should have done a full drawstring (or double checked his waistband size before stitching the elastic onto it!).


For these pants, I used sweatshirt fleece from JoAnn, and so far it’s held up well in the wash (I plan to hang dry to limit any pilling). The ribbing was in my stash – it’s not the greatest, and I would suggest using cotton lycra if you don’t have high quality ribbing on hand. The elastic is actually a 2inch wide elastic! I bought mine from Fashion Sewing Supply.


And then he made a run for it and was done!

Will you be adding these patterns to your collection? I’d love to hear what you have your eye on!


Disclosure: I’m a Jalie Patterns Creative Ambassador and received these Jalie patterns complimentary for purposes of review and promotion.



3 thoughts on “Jalie Henri Pants & Alex Sweatshirt Release”

  1. Do you think the outer pocket piece could be incorporated into the front of the jacket instead of being a separate piece and sewing it in, and then use a coverstitch or a zig-zag to add on the underside of the pockets? I’m kind of iffy on those curved seams.


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