It’s Spring! Let’s go outside!

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You know, it’s funny. Before teaching my kids from a math curriculum, I never really considered that the months of the year, days of the week, or whether something was above, below, or between another object were all part of math! As adults, we take all these things for granted, and so while I know my kids will learn these things either way, it is nice to open up our math books to the day’s lesson and see it there, reminding me to teach it to them!

Miss 3 insists on doing school too, so while Mr. 5 was writing his numbers, she was busy with her workbook :). She actually has the best pencil grip of all my children! Hopefully she keeps that up! 

We spent most of this past month in Australia (more on that later!), and when I got back I just felt so refreshed! I think I really needed the total break (complete with slooooow internet compared to the Fios connection I’ve been spoiled with, which meant I didn’t waste nearly as much time as I usually do on my computer/phone!).

Anyway, these past two weeks I’ve hit the ground running with getting back into our various curriculums, and with this gorgeous weather we’ve had (I’m not holding my breath it will last!), we’ve been able to do our learning outside in the sun!


This week, a lot of our learning has covered adding with coins. The RightStart kit comes with a big collection of plastic coins, but this year I have been using real coins instead and I like that a lot more. My husband has been a collector of random coins over time, so we even have some real American dollar coins in there too!

Will you be hitting up a homeschooling convention this summer? If so, you may be able to score discounted RightStart materials. Check here if RightStart will come to a convention near you.

*I am a RightStart Mathematics Affiliate, and am committed to writing a monthly blog post about our journey with this curriculum. Any purchases you make using my affiliate links will earn me a small commission (this will not affect the cost to you!).

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