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Oliver +S Playtime Dress & Leggings


Except for the fact that it’s freezing cold, can I just say I LOVE photos in the snow? It makes such a great backdrop!! Over the weekend we had a little over 10 inches dumped on us here in the Washington DC Metro area. Thankfully we were able to squeeze my son’s 5th birthday party in, just as the first flakes started coming down! Since church was cancelled on Sunday, we had a lazy morning and then went sledding after lunch. On Monday my older two kids tagged along with our neighbors to go sledding again, while I stayed home to edit photos!


I guess you could say I’m on a little Oliver+S kick at the moment. The Oliver+S Playtime dress is one I’ve been sewing over and over for years. This was my first time making it in a woven! I picked up this beautiful flannel and jegging knit from Berger’s Sewing in Manassas, VA – they’re a well known sewing machine dealer and repair store in my area and recently added apparel and quilting fabric in their store. If you’re ever in that area, go check it out – they have some absolutely beautiful fabrics from all around the world!


One thing I’m wanting to do this year is utilize more decorative stitches – both the ones already on my sewing machine, and the different techniques you can do such as pintucking, cutwork, smocking, etc. I have this fantastic book: Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques, and it is such an excellent resource for so many things you can do with your sewing machine. The examples are all with Bernina sewing machines, but should be able to translate to other machines as well.


So, to add interest to the pockets and neckline, I used one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I really like how it turned out!


For the back closure, I used Snap Source snaps. I got these before getting my KAM tabletop press. I *could* buy the dies for my press, but the Snap Setter works and is cheap! If you want to install the occasional metal snap in things, I highly recommend it! I personally prefer using metal in clothing – I think it looks more professional.

I let her wear her thermal underwear underneath, so that’s what’s peeking through at the top!


The dress pattern also comes bundled with a leggings pattern, and I used jegging knit for those. The fit on these is excellent! I was worried they would be a little baggy like in the picture on the pattern cover, but they’re actually a perfect fit. She has great butt coverage in these too, so I think I’m going to just stop trying out all these other leggings patterns and stick with making Oliver+S Playtimes for her! I’m realizing my preference is leggings with elastic in the waist rather than the yoga band – they just seem to fit a lot better.


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