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Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas

Holy moly, 4 more pairs of Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas and my count is now at 15! (My 11th pair is over here).

(Deal alert! All Oliver+S patterns are 30% off until Saturday January 19, 2019 – coupon code on their blog).

Fun Fact: The Oliver+S Sleepover Pajamas was the *very first* independent sewing pattern that I bought — and the very first indie pattern company I had ever heard of! It all started when I bought a Big 4 pajama pattern for my daughter, and then after looking up reviews on, saw that it was completely panned by every reviewer! Upon doing some further research, people kept repeatedly recommending the Oliver+S Sleepover Pajamas, and so, nervously, I spent $15 on a paper pattern (technically $30 since I bought the Ice Cream Dress at the same time!) and hoped for the best (at that time they didn’t even have digital patterns available on their site!). The indie pattern world has definitely changed a lot in 6 years!!


Earlier in December, Oliver+S announced a pajama sewing contest – use an Oliver+S pattern to make pajamas and enter to win a prize. Voting opens tomorrow, January 15, 2019, so if you like my pajamas, go vote for them!! <3.

“I want to be asleep”

Like most Oliver+S patterns, these pajamas are not a fast sew, but they do look great when done! I like to say that Oliver+S patterns are like a sewing lesson and I learn something new whenever I use one. They are excellent for beginners! There are certainly plenty of indie pattern companies out there now who have similar quality instructions, though I still think O+S sets the bar to a standard that most companies still don’t quite reach. Now, that being said, these days I am preferring patterns with *fewer* instructions as I’m less likely to mess up when skim reading them, and I can sew faster because I’m not spending all my time reading detailed instructions.


For those who like ruffles, there is an option to add them on a the cuffs and collar, but I skipped that step this time around.


Sizes used: 3T, 5, 7.

About the Fabric

This fabric had been in my stash for a little while, so I was glad to use it up! The 3 pairs of flannel PJ’s were made with JoAnn’s snuggle flannel: the fabric for my eldest daughter and son was purchased during the Black Friday 2017 sale, and the flannel for my youngest’s was actually originally supposed to be a crib sheet for my #1’s nursery! I was happy to get that one out of my collection!!


I picked up the Pete the Cat fabric at a local quilting store’s closing down sale in 2018. While my son isn’t hugely into Pete the Cat, he *is* into cats in general, so I figured these would be a favorite (and a nice change from trains, his #1 passion!).


And Fun Fact number 2 (or words to the wise): Usually I don’t let my kids wear their new mama-makes until I’ve had a chance to photograph them, but for this batch, they’ve actually been wearing them for a few weeks. I knew last night that I would be doing the photoshoot today, and as I was putting my youngest to bed, I thought, “just don’t wet the bed!”. Well, she stayed dry all night, but at 6am she woke up with a bleeding nose!!! Blood *everywhere* AND all over the shirt of her pajamas! I told her I would photoshop it out of the photo, but then I forgot about it!


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2 thoughts on “Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas”

  1. Aww these are all so cute! And I think Oliver + S was one of the first pattern companies I tried as well. I think I even bought this pattern, but STILL haven’t gotten around to trying it, oops! The fabrics you used are adorable, too.


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