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Great Gift! Jalie Galaxy 2 – Woodworking Apron Mashup

Shortly after we got married, I discovered that my husband’s only hobby was watching Anime. Having grown up with a million hobbies, the idea that sitting in front of TV was a suitable hobby just didn’t jive with me. So I told him he had to get a hobby! Given that he’s a software engineer (and that we’d just bought a house), I thought woodworking would be a good hobby for him, and so, a seed was born.

10 years and $1,000’s of dollars later, my husband has quite the tool collection in our basement! And he’s really made some amazing stuff! (You can check out all his work over at Lumberjocks). Here’s a sampling:

(here’s some tea chests, some wall cabinets, and a coffee table).

Well, to celebrate Thanksgiving, Jalie has released Galaxy 2, a collection of patterns perfect for gift giving! The collection includes an apron, tool belt, hair bands, roll up placemat sets, and food bowl covers! The apron sizes run from kids all the way to adults!

Jalie Galaxie 2 is ON SALE TODAY! Get it for 50% off with coupon code GALAXIE2018 thru November 26, 2018.


All the patterns can be made with fabric found from your local sewing/quilting store, so there’s no need to patiently wait by the mailbox for your fabric to arrive!


My husband had been asking for a woodworking apron so this came at the perfect time for me!

For his woodworking apron, I wanted to make sure there were plenty of pockets, so I mashed the Orion tool belt (incidentally, part of his screen name!) with the Phoenix Apron. I didn’t need to make too many changes to achieve this, though I did have to adjust the width of the Orion pockets so that it would fit in the bib section of the apron.


My husband also wanted a clip at the back rather than a tie, and this was easy to add on. I shortened the straps (I could have made them even shorter) and attached a 1″ parachute buckle to it.


I asked him what color fabric he wanted me to use, and he chose unbleached cotton.

So boring.

I was hoping he’d at least go for say dark gray… So I ended up buying unbleached denim from JoAnn (it was about the same price as Twill that day), and I had some khaki twill in my stash, so I used that for the straps. I just couldn’t make it all one color!!!

For top stitching, I used two spools of brown in my needle (I used a green to top stitch the strap).

I’m really happy with how this turned out, and best of all, my husband LOVES it!!

There’s really something for everyone in this pattern! I’d love to hear what you’ll be making with yours!

Jalie Galaxie 2 is ON SALE TODAY! Get it for 50% off with coupon code GALAXIE2018 thru November 26, 2018.


Disclosure: I received this pattern complimentary from Jalie in exchange for promotion.



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