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Mountain & Plaid Biker Sweatshirt

I wish my photos weren’t so blurry today (rain + hyper 6 y/o who doesn’t want photos taken + suddenly discovering SD card was full, does not a nice photograph make!!!). But, with the Wolf & Rabbit preorder closing *today* I wanted to make sure my readers saw more of these gorgeous fabrics sewn up before it was too late to order! (Here’s the Tilt I made with these fabrics).


Isn’t the plaid just adorable?! So many possibilities with this design! I really hesitated on using this print on the back of the sweater too, because I wanted to hoard it!!

This shot was taken on my phone so the colors aren’t quite as true as the ones from my DSLR (see first photo)

Before I started making this sweater, I spent forever working out how I would place the different fabrics together. It gets scary and hard to visualize when you’re mixing prints together. Since I already own Photoshop, I used that to make this little mockup and try a few different variations. I know you can get apps that can help you do these too. Here’s what mine looked like though:

sketch mw shirt

If you’re familiar with using Photoshop, you just turn each portion of the outfit into a  layer and merge each one with photos of the fabric (downloaded from the fabric store website).

Anyway, here we have another (aff) MW Patterns Biker Sweatshirt (I’ve made a couple more, here and here). I’m getting a little faster at doing these tops and finally worked out how to hide the zipper tape inside the collar (the instructions have it visible from the inside and I’d been trying to work out how to change that!). The finish inside still doesn’t end up as perfect as I’d like it to be, but I think it’s better than the original. I’ll try to get a tutorial up soon!!


Here’s a look at the inside. I had to piece the collar with something from my stash because I only had fat halves of each fabric. You can also see how the zipper has been sandwiched between the collar. The coverstitch helps to hide the gaps in the serging.

“No! Do NOT pick your nose!!!!” (seriously… photoshoots can be the the most aggravating things!!)

I’d initially planned to make a skirt and leggings to go with this sweater, but nothing was really speaking to me, so I just went with jeans. I may still make a skirt or something with the scraps from this fabric, but I think pairing the two together might be overkill. My hesitation is that Miss 6 will inevitably insist on wearing the two together whether I think she should or not! She does, of course, want her doll to have a matching sweater though, so I’ll need to hunt through my doll pattern stash to see what might work for that! Seriously… this doll has the best clothes, LOL.

Fabric Summary:

Jade 10oz Jersey Knit (in stock)

Brush Stroke Plaid – Mint/Mustard/Teal/Jade cotton Lycra (Preorder closes 9/24)

Mountains cotton Lycra (preorder closes 9/24)

Zipper: YKK #5 24″ molded, color: 87

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary fat half of each of these featured fabrics from Wolf & Rabbit Fabrics for purposes of promotion. 


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