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Blog Tour: ITS Time to Sew Itch to Stitch! & GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to day 3 of the Itch to Stitch 2018 blog tour! And, WHEW, I have definitely bitten off more than I can sew this week! We put so much planning into this tour, and I knew from the very beginning what I’d be sewing and in what fabric… and did I start months ago? No. Did I leave it all until this last weekend?


So, I’m not quite where I wanted to be with this dress – This one is essentially my wearable muslin, but I learned lots of things from it and I can share those with you!!


We also have a great GIVEAWAY with this tour, so read to the end to find out how you can win prizes from these amazing sponsors!

(*this post contains affiliate links)


I decided to go with the Itch to Stitch Chai Dress* for this tour. This dress is a fitted shirt dress available in sizes 00-20 and with A, B, C, D, & DD cup sizes (these are sewing pattern cup sizes, not bra size – yes, there’s a difference! – so keep that in mind if you’re well endowed!!). This dress can also be made as a shirt, and has short sleeve and sleeveless options.


Usually with Itch to Stitch patterns, I need to lengthen the bodice, so for this one I added 1/2″ above the waist. I also went with a B cup — darn breastfeeding boobs… I’m in between A and B on most days and in hindsight, I think the A would have been a better fit for me. Also, I’ll be removing the added length in my next one because it’s way too low. I’m learning that my waist is probably up higher than normal, but I have a lot of length between my waist and navel. Now, one thing I should also mention is that this pattern DOES include a back length measurement. I should have taken this before cutting out the pattern. But I didn’t. Sigh.


With the Chai, I was actually surprised that there was no top stitching included in the tutorial. I have a tendency to follow the directions the first time and then ad lib after that. My next one I’ll definitely be including top stitching everywhere – right now a lot of the internal seams are hidden with a stitch in the ditch (or hand stitching). If I top stitched those seams instead, it would make it so much easier to catch the lining!


My next change will be interfacing. I typically use a lightweight interfacing by Palmer and Pletch, which I just LOVE, but I should have used a double layer or a medium weight one in the collar as it’s pretty floppy. I’m now officially OUT of lightweight interfacing now though, so I now have an excuse to go shopping ;-).

With the buttons, I mostly followed the pattern placement, making a couple of adjustments using my expanding gauge due to the length I added. Next time I’ll check that one button is on the bust line (the tutorial does suggest doing this), and another at my tummy line and go from there.


Overall though, this dress is fairly quick to sew and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. With a couple of adjustments, I think this is going to be a favorite for me! ❤

About the Fabric

As to fabric, this is actually a chambray sheet I picked up on clearance at Target a while ago! This basically means my kids will have coral outfits in multiple sizes for the next few years, hahaha. I picked up the buttons at JoAnn.


For my final version of this dress, I had actually planned to use some gorgeous Tencel from D&H Fabrics Co. Tammy, the owner, lives locally to me and recently turned up at one of our local sewing meetups with fabric in tow! It was all AMAZING!!! She carries sustainable and eco friendly fabrics, including Nani Iro, Cone Mills Denim, double gauze, lawn, bamboo knits and more! D&H Fabrics is also one of our amazing sponsors for this tour, so definitely go check out her store and show her some love 🙂 !!


We have two amazing sales going on today!!

First up, Itch to Stitch have the Chai Shirt & Dress Pattern on sale for today only – just $9. (A different selection of patterns will be on sale for each day of the tour!)

Secondly, one of my blog sponsors, Mabel Madison, has a coupon code just for blog tour visitors! Get $10 off a $50 purchase when you use code ITSTOUR (expires September 30, 2018). Mabel Madison sell gorgeous fabric from Europe and right now they’re clearing out all of her poplins and other wovens, so definitely check those out before they’re all gone!


Visit our sponsors and enter our Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win this unbelievable prize package:

Itch to Stitch:* 2 PDF patterns of choice
Simply By Ti: Prize of $20 GC
So Sew English Fabrics: Prize of $30 GC
Mabel Madison Modern Makers: Prize of 3 yard coordinated bundle
Sly Fox Fabrics: $25GC
Raspberry Creek Fabrics:$50 GC
Surge Fabric Shop: $20 GC
Organic Cotton Plus: $25 GC
WarmCrochet: Pair of scissors



Here’s the line up of Bloggers for the ITS Time to Sew Itch to Stitch Blog Tour


September 17th
September 18th
September 19th
September 20th 
September 21st


Disclosure: I received this pattern complimentary in exchange for review and promotion.

24 thoughts on “Blog Tour: ITS Time to Sew Itch to Stitch! & GIVEAWAY!”

      1. You know, I actually made the allowance to be turned under for the Chai dress smaller. That made it much easier to catch the inner waistband while stitching in the ditch. I get better with every version. 🙂


  1. This is a lovely dress and I adore your golden shoes!!!! I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one buying sheets for sewing…


  2. This is looking good, and it’s so interesting reading all your reflections. How marvellous to have D&H fabrics locally. I used Tammy’s fabric for my make and it was heavenly.


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